Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Empty Nest

Now that the Dollies have flown the nest it means I have an empty box ready and waiting. Just look at those hexagons.  Surely a finished top means I can start something else, right?

Now, what shall I fill it with.......

Will it be this lovely band sampler called St. Neots by Susan Smith  from Patchwork on Stonleigh. Australia. Lots of fussy cutting on those hexagons and English Paper piecing. Such a pretty quilt and a length of hankerchief linen  is ready and waiting for attention.

Will it be this - Pickled Onions by Chris Serong from Threadbear, Australia. This has my pulse racing and itching to start. A bolt of cream fabric awaits me at Dotty Dollies.

 Will it be this one, also from Threadbear, Australia and is by Megan Carroll and called Hertfordshire. This one takes a bit of thinking about as I need a lot of repro  fabrics and a suitable centre to start me off. Again lots of hexagons and some fussy cutting.


This one came from Jo at Cowslip and is a Petra Prins quilt and even comes in it's own box with a beautiful selection of fabrics and in colours that I would not have normally bought. I love it though and it was a bargain. Greatly reduced and as I had admired it the last time I was at Cowslip and regretted not buying it it simply had my name on it and came home with me. The name of this quilt - Providence.

Fabulous selection of fabrics. So which one shall I choose to stitch next?

Decisions, decisions.

Whilst I have been pondering such choices I have been busy stitching hexagons and watching the Diamond Jubilee events on the tv. The concert outside of Buckingham Palace was amazing and the best bit for me was Madness performing Our House on the roof of the Palace. The frontage was transformed with this changing cover showing various houses and the people inside them. I haven't tried it but I wonder if you googled it whether it would be on You Tube. Brilliant. The Queen did her best to look like she was enjoying it all despite the fact that she must have been very tired and worried about the poor old Duke of Edinburgh who that day had been admitted to hospital. Three cheers for the Queen I say.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.

EDIT - Have just googled YouTube and if you type in Madness at Buckingham Palace you should find several versions to choose from. Do watch it - amazing.


  1. Surely you will have them all on the go fairly rapidly! I agree with you about the Queen, at least she didn`t sit through it all. I expect she hadn`t heard of some of them, I know I hadn`t!

  2. So many decisions. I think I would go Providence. I'm with you go Queenie.

  3. Whatever you choose for your next project, it will be fabulous! And you Brits sure know how to throw a party ;)!

  4. Ah, your missing your many beautiful choices Shirley.
    I enjoyed seeing the Queen's celbrations..

  5. There's no way you could make a wrong choice, with all those lovely projects to choose from. I fear I won't see an empty project box for some time. My hand stitching work sits and sits, waiting for my attention, and I only pick it up once a month with a group of friends.

    I've been enjoying the Diamond Jubilee celebration here in the states. Some of our stations gave quite a bit of TV coverage to it. The flotilla was wonderful! So unique.

  6. Decisions decisions! They are all special quilts, I personally am itching to start St Neots but want to wait until I am a bit further advanced with Phebe.

    Going to watch the YouTube video now.

  7. Maybe you need to draw straws since you have so many fabulous choices there. I enjoyed part of the concert but it got a bit late for me to watch the whole thing. I'm going to check out you tube now.

  8. Which ever project you choose it will turn out lovely.
    You could always do them

  9. My vote is for the pickled onions. Very lovely.

  10. Shirley, are you not reading the signs? Petra Prins - it's all there and ready to go. This project has fallen into your lap , it is a sign!
    I must admit St Neots is pretty cute.
    I enjoyed the video of the concert and will watch it again when it is not so late.
    Good luck with the decision making, but don't ignore the signs!

  11. I love the quilt off Petra Prins!
    I would decide to make that one.
    How far are with the Dancing Dollies?

    Warm regards, Evelyne

  12. What a wonderful quandary to find yourself in and whatever pattern you choose to do first will be a winner. Thanks for the tip about Madness and the Jubilee concert and I will be following this up. Take care.

  13. I think you should just wade in and start them all!

  14. I agree with Barbara. I did think from the title that you were going to tell us that the blackbirds had fledged! I'll give YouTube a miss as I spent the weekend avoiding anything Jubilee related. Wonder who is anti-monarchy then??

  15. wonderful choices, hmmm this is hard, I think the last one is my choice looks fun to make and oh I love the fabrics!

  16. Wonderful! I have made it over to your delightful corner and I am so glad I came. Nothing beats, in my humble opinion, the thrill of finishing a long project (can you see me taking my hat off to you because your projects are so big) and, despite the weariness, allowing yourself to get excited again at the thought of a NEW project. Please let us know which of the above you have opted for. I'm off to see Madness.

    Have a beautiful week.


  17. Oh Shirley, you continue to amaze simple me...I tell you, I don't think I have enough life in me to tackle some of those "difficult looking" quilts. I am getting rid of my stash and that calls for quick cuts, lots of white, which I have and then and only then can I spend, spend spend on new fabrics. You go girl|!

  18. What a choioce - now if it was me I would probably have all of them on the go at once as I wouldn't be able to pick just one!! Seriously,whichever you choose, it's going to be a stunner! Will google youtube.....

  19. My goodness what a difficult decision!
    Love the ones with hexagons but I am a little biased towards hexies