Monday, 18 June 2012

A New Start

Want to know which project I went with and started? It had to be the beautiful Petra Prins boxed set as it had all the fabric ready and waiting. On taking the instructions out of the box I thought ha! problem! Instructions in Dutch. Then I found the French instructions but, then came the English version. Phew! Could have needed a bit of help. All the pieces were cut out using freezer paper and placed in position just so I knew where they would go.

The instructions just gave a diagram as to where to place the pattern pieces but I like to use an overlay for positioning. This meant a few hours drawing all the pieces into position on tracing paper and marking the centres. Now I am all set to start and excited at starting something new.

A new start also includes these beautiful hexagons. I am feeling a little bereft at not having any left to prepare and after a little browsing on the internet I found the perfect idea. In my mind I could see this in very soft greys and taupes and I then had a lightbulb moment and a use for a pack of Japanese Taupes layer cake called Evening Mist by Sentimental Studios that I had been hoarding for quite some time. I love to have a coloured drawing of how I think the quilt will look and use watercolour pencils. I now have a worksheet telling me how many hexagons I need and what size it will be.

There is such a beautiful range of shades in this pack. One 10"square yields 16 squares  and therefore I can make 4 lozenge shapes. I decided to make them scrappy in appearance. As of yet I haven't decided on a filler colour but I am thinking a soft mauve will do them justice.

Playing with ideas and what would happen if I set the hexagons on point around a centre hexagon. It produces a lovely feathered star effect. Not sure I could go with this idea as I really wouldn't want to piece all those tiny diamonds and triangles. Feel free to borrow the idea though if it grabs you.

I am slowly stitching all the sections together now for the daisy quilt. You will notice that there are no papers in the back. I have learnt that the papers tend to flip out as you are sewing and they really are not necessary. Because the stitching is  on the inside corners of the fabric it is all held in place and they join together so much easier. It becomes quite unwieldy trying to manouvre the twists and turns with the paper in place but this is so much better and quicker and I am all for anything that saves time.

Apple County Quilters

This coming weekend of  23/24 June is the 5th Exhibiton of Apple County Quilters.  It is well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity as they are a talented bunch of ladies and they make great cakes. They can be found at Bradford On Tone Village Hall near Wellington, Somerset, 10am - 4pm.

Sadly, for two years worth of work since the last exhibition I do not have a lot to show other than a box of hexagons and the unfinished Dollies.  Lurking in my sewing room was a cushion started ages ago and with a bit of effort I have finished it and it is ready for action and will go to one of my nieces when it is over.

The only quilt I have is the little New York Beauty wallhanging. I had to get it back from the wall of Dotty Dolly's shop where it has been hanging for ages. Trying not to feel too much in anguish at not having much to show I am going with the positive tactic that in 2014 I should almost have enough for a one woman show. Had better get a move on then and get some finishes done.

 The baby blackbirds flew the nest and this one flew out right past me and landed on the floor by the fence. His little legs look way too spindly to hold his body. This little bird and his family inspired Lisa from Cubby House Crafts to design a stitchery. Do go and have a look if you haven't already seen it, you may have to scroll down a few posts. Lisa is so talented and one day is going to produce a book of her stitcheries. I am waiting and hope to be the first in line for a copy when it happens. No pressure here Lisa.

I have to let you into a little secret. Rachel gave me instructions on how to post the YouTube video to my last post and it went amiss and posted to Glorious Applique blog. I can tell you that it came off there right rapid. It would have given them a shock when they were expecting some wonderful applique and got some dude proposing to his girlfriend. Hope you went and had a peep at the video as it was unashamedly romantic and makes you laugh and cry. Who says romance is dead?

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Wonderful! How exciting to be starting new projects - I love them both!! I take my papers out too once all the sides on the hexie are sewn; I found it made it a lot easier to work. I went and had a look at Lisa's stitchery - very sweet! Good on you for having a finish for the show!!

  2. Got my fingers twitching again Shirley! Everything looks lovely, could almost be persuaded that the hexie stars are a really good idea (especially with a little pink for the triangles and diamonds?).... and you might creep a soft shade of your favourite colour into the taupe project too. Reckon the one-woman show is more than achievable - stitch on!

  3. You haven`t wasted any time with the new hexagons, but you are obvioulsy much more of a planner than I am, what with your drawings and everything Me I`m more like a bull in a chinashop!

  4. Aha, I thought you might go with that one. Good for you for finding an easy way for the exhibition. The cushion is very appropriate for this year anyway and the NYB is lovely. The colours in your new hexie project are droolable (is that a word??)Glad your baby birds fledged and thanks for the link to Lisa's site, very nice

  5. lovely new projects! Love the hexagons the four hexie lozenges are a great idea and the fabrics as so soft and delicate.
    Your daisy quilt is growing nicely too.
    2014 will hopefully see these lovelies in the exhibition.

  6. Great new projects the idea of the taupe with the mauve.
    Lovely post...
    Ok. now les see what you have ready in 2014!...

  7. Great post Shirley! Looking forward to watching the Petra Prins quilt take shape and also your new hexagon project (love the fabrics).

    The little blackbird is gorgeous and how lucky for you to get close enough for a photo.

  8. I know what you mean about missing making hexagons. They really are addictive, aren't they? Love your new projects, both of them. I watched the proposal video and it is indeed cute and very romantic.

  9. Those Hexies will look so soft and lovely. I like that you do a drawing - I do too, I just can't trust my imagination!

    Your New York Beauty is gorgeous and it will look stunning hanging in the quilt show. I wish I could come and see the show and sample the cakes (I've now polished of the half kilo block of cadburys and am scratching around for something else to munch on)

  10. Glad you chose the Petra Prins project. It is so pretty and you will make it beautifully. Those Japanese taupes will make lovely little hexies.

  11. Love the Japanese Taupes and your design and I have to own up to having a block book by Susan Briscoe for which I have been hoarding pieces of Taupes - maybe next year. I am looking forward to seeing the Daisy quilt complete and good luck with the Apple Country Quilters show. Your NYB will definitely be a shining star and love the cushion. Take care.

  12. Hi Shirley! I think your fabric choice for your hexies is are making me want to get my hexies out now!lol!
    Just when I plan to have a big week stitching I end up being called into work, so sadly I haven't had a chance to do more to Shirley's Garden...but I have it all woked out what I'm going to make it into...I hope you are going to like it!

  13. That first applique looks so pretty :-) I can't wait to see it develop :-)

  14. Have you finished all the UFOs then Shirley?

    No? Well who am I to argue with a new start! Teehee! Cute bird, great proposal and lovely NYB! I'm catching up can you tell?

  15. Love the Petra Prins applique Shirley, will you bring it to ACQ for next meeting? I am just about to start on the Child's Play Bugs Galore thanks to your help in selecting fabrics.