Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch is winding it's way around the Country at the moment and last week it was going to be passing the end of my road and it seemed a shame to miss it as it probably will never happen again. I was surprised and pleased to see that it was well supported. I have never seen so many police cars and motor bikes that I wondered if Taunton was actually safe as it seemed that all of the Counties Forces were at the end of my road.

The runner in question was Marcus Trescothick, cricketer who plays for Somerset and England. He also did the run in a surgical boot due to an injury. I was that busy photographing the entourage that I almost missed him. Further in the town much excitement was caused by the appearance of Will.I.Am who did a bit of the run. Don't know what his allegiance is with my corner of the world but the crowd were pleased to see him. Will is a pop singer currently on a tv programme called The Voice along with Tom Jones.

 The year 2000  was an Olympic year and my eldest daughter was going to be 18 and was allowed to go on her first holiday abroad with her friends to Greece. They were also lucky enough to see the Olympic Torch in Kos. Rachel  fell in love with the turtles that were swimming in the water and came home with a large, furry, turtle toy, I decided to make her a quilt for her 18th birthday. I was still relatively new to this at this point.  Storm at Sea was the appropriate block and the turtles and the blocks were paper pieced. Much deliberation went on as to how the turtles should be set but in the end it was worked out and as they seemed to be swimming in formation I called the quilt - Synchronised Swimming. ( I apologise for the photo being the wrong way round but I couldn't change the format and it is the only photo I have of this quilt and it is a photo of a photo so not ideal). Maybe if you click on it you will get a better view.

There has been a lot of activity in the garden and the blackbirds are nesting in the archway at the side of the garden and inches away from the window where I usually sit. There are three hungry beaks on show.

Daddy blackbird keeping a watchful eye but hops around us gathering food if we are out in the garden. I hope I am sitting in the chair and can see them when they are ready to fly the nest.

Meanwhile at Stitcherydo HQ the hexagon pile is growing and nearly done. Not sure what I shall do without my box of ever faithful companions.

Happy Stitching.



  1. The torch will be passing the end of my road in Suffolk on 8 July - but perhaps I will be expected to be ringing bells, shut away in the bell tower?? I missed the Millennium moment because I was ringing bells (which no-one heard anyhow because of all the noise and fireworks!!)

  2. How exciting to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch on its way to London. I can't wait to see the Olympics. Your Storm at Sea quilt is a beauty. Blue and yellow is such a classic combo. And those baby bird beaks are the sweets!

  3. The quilt is lovely, great idea to use the turtles. Can't believe you did Storm at Sea as a relative newcomer. You don't do thinks by halves do you?

  4. It must of been a very exciting moment Shirley...Love your quilt!
    We have had quite a few blackbirds nest in our garden and have nicknames for all our birds the visit our garden. Blackbirds are 'hoppy', 'spiney' for Eastern!

  5. How exciting to have the torch come by your the Storm at Sea did a great job of it..I bet your DD has loved it to bits..
    Hugs Julia ♥

  6. You certainly couldn't miss that event. I saw the torch when it came down the street around the corner for the Sydney olympics. It's quite the spectacle. I love your quilt and the story behind it.
    Enjoy the wonders of spring at your plkace, it looks like your garden is a nice place to hang out.

  7. The Olympics is getting closer...
    Will you be going to any events?
    I love your Storm At Sea quilt too.

  8. Sounds like everyone is getting into the Olympic spirit. Not too long to go now before the world converges on London. Your quilt is really lovely and those little turtles add the special touch. Glad that you are enjoying your garden. I think that we are having our last burst of sunny autumn days before bleak winter moves in.

  9. It is certainly going to be an exciting year for you all in the UK with the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee and I hope you enjoy all the activities. Love the turtle quilt. Take care.

  10. I love the picture of the baby sweet. As daddy bird is use to you I would think he'll "introduce" you to the family :-)

  11. I went to see the torch and was lucky enough to get tickets for the county cricket ground where the torch ended its journey for the day. Best bit - the Royal Marine fanfare when the torch arrived!

  12. Love the Turtles at Sea! Chris & I did a class called Snails At Sea, but think turtles are better. Am quietly thinking of a plan to have an Olympic Oatcake Relay along the same lines as the Olympic Torch, but don't think we can make it happen.

  13. I was wondering about the torch going through out England. Great that you saw it. It won't be there again for a long long time.
    Oh the hexies are always on my mind when I visit...wonder why?

  14. Cute quilt. A friend of mine carried the tourch when we had the Olympics in Sydney. I love watching birds how cute are those hungry beaks.

  15. Ooh, I love him! He sang at President Obama's inaugeration in 2009. Are you planning to go to London for the Olympics or shall you avoid it like the plague? I'm not at all fond of crowds and gridlock, so I know what my choice would be, but it should be a fun, exciting time just the same.

    Your daughter's turtle quilt is fabulous. I love how you "organized" the turtles to swim in formation.

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. My husband's family has some very long-lived people in it, sadly both his parents had/have dementia so I'm praying he takes after his lovely 100 year old, sharp as a whip, Grandma.

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas