Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Week in St.Ives

Are you sitting comfortably?  Have you got a drink? Are you ready? Here goes.....

Last week we went to St.Ives for a much needed holiday and if you follow me regularly you will know it is my most favourite place on this earth. There is just something so special about the light that makes you feel invigorated. No wonder artists the world over come here to paint.

When we set out it was raining  yet again and we wondered what sort of week we would be in for given that the weather forecast was set for rain, rain and more rain. In all fairness we didn't do too badly and one day was so glorious that we were forced to remove a few layers of clothing and sit outside and enjoy a pot of tea in the sunshine.

This beach boasts the Tate Gallery and is as famous as the London Tate.

 Just love all the colours in the water.

The panorama speaks for itsself.

The hotel grounds have a beautiful woodland walk which were covered in bluebells. Wish I could bottle the perfume for you, the scent was divine. Given that there had been a lot of rain it was surprisingly dry underfoot.

We amused ourselves in childlike pleasure at the unusual high tide that was sending waves crashing over the wall and drenching poor unsuspecting victims who thought they were safe!

No trip to St.Ives is complete without a visit to the bead shop. I have mentioned before that it is like Aladdin's Cave in there and this is just a selection of what I came out with.

The bead shop is located in a little arcade on the harbour front and in the previous photo it is the other side of the water on the far right.

I also had a trip to a patchwork shop called Coast and Country and it is a wonder I got out of there intact or my bank balance to be more precise.

A delightful shop which is well stocked and located at  the entrance to a garden centre it also has a bistro style cafe for patient husbands to wait.

This gorgeous Tilda tin had to come home with me. ( Wendy are you drooling?)

Inside is now stocked with a yummy selection of fat quarters  for which I have no project in mind for but needed.

 Just in case you were wondering if I did any sewing the answer is yes, I did. This is the centre to a block from Material Obsession Two. It is a large block consisting of one shape, when assembled makes into 60 degree triangles, which in turn make into hexagons and the whole block looks like a star. Each block consists of 72 pieces. Just using some leftovers from Camelot to see how it works out. So far have only assembled 18/72. It may be a lone star or it may be more. We shall see.

I also made a bit of progress on the hexagons. A lot more cutting and prepping. Slowly, slowly. One day it will be done. Well over half way now.

 I feel now that I should wake you up with some soothing music or maybe crashing waves to see if you have made it to the end. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.

 Edit. Why try and fix something that aint broke blogger. I am as frustrated as everyone else with the changes. What comes up on the screen isn't how I have formatted it all, so apologies for any errors. I guess it will eventually click into place how to do it all and save the changes.


  1. I enjoyed the trip with you. I did enjoy St ives and would love to return one day.
    Glad you got some shopping done - lovely little purchases.
    Your hexies are looking gorgeous.

  2. Glad to hear you had an enjoyable week away. We also visited St Ives a few years ago and loved it (we had wonderful weather). And your projects are lovely as always. I just remembered that I also bought the Material Obsession template you are using. Must go and look for it.

  3. Thanks for the lovely pictures.... A lovely trip!!!!
    I just have to say.. I love your hexies!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Shirley , glad you have had such a special time away. Your hexagons are really coming on now and how nice you got a fix at a quilting shop.

    I agree with you about blogger. I seem to have lost the will with it as it seems such a chore to keep losing what I have written and then having to sign in again.
    Are you going to the Malvern show next week?

  5. Love the hexies! Wow you are doing so well!

    Hope the trip to StIves empowers you to finish!

  6. Enjoyed your little trip, love the south of England, so pretty.
    You did well with the shopping, yes that tin just had to go home with you...gorgeous fabrics....enjoy.
    Yes blogger leave things alone..
    Julia ♥

  7. I love a lot your pictures and the gorgeous hexagon quilt.

  8. I'm drooling over the tin too!!
    Your hexagon quilt is so nice and it's pink , my favorite....
    Sounds like you had a great trip away.
    And the little purchase is beautiful.

  9. What a wonderful place to spend a week away in and I most definitely have St Ives on my "bucket" list. The hexies look gorgeous and must be a wonderful "on going" project. Take care.

  10. Loving the hexagons Shirley, they're coming along well! I made a template for that MO2 shape ages ago but never got round to trying it out.....I think the number of pieces put me off abit at the time! lol

  11. Lovely photos of your holiday - a wonderful spot. Love the tin (and fabrics) that headed out the shop with you:-)Your hexies are looking fabulous!!

  12. Sounds like a very restful holiday made from all the best ingredients :-)

  13. Shirley, that hexagon quilt is amazing, well done! Love St Ives too,must go back there soon.

  14. I am sure if you look carefully on the bottom of the tin it will say WENDY, I am sooo envious, rest of the work is lovely lovely.
    See you Wednesdayxx

  15. omg those hexagons are beautiful, thats going to be an amazing quilt!
    I can see why you love St Ives....

  16. Lovely photos of St Ives. It has been years since I was last there. Maybe we all need to write to blogger.

  17. St Ives is gorgeous judging from the photos, I love the woodland walk, that photo is a keeper.
    The hexagons are growing and they look wonderful.