Friday, 30 March 2012

Lavinia and the Mystery Blonde

This delicate beauty is named Lavinia. She is a very sweet girl and everyone admires and loves her because she is such a pleasant person. Lavinia isn't a family member, more of an outsider and with all that red hair she should have a fiery temper but, she is just so adorable. She dances like a dream too.


Who is the mystery blonde? She has been whipping them gals into formation and they will soon be ready to enter the blogosphere in all their glory. Not long to wait now.

Another word added to the sampler - Romance.

We were a small and select group at Kate's on Wednesday as 3 out of 6 were away on holiday. Rosemary is having way too good a time in Australia having been invited to join Elyte at Quilts in the Barn and The Quilted Crow sewing day. We are not jealous of course, well, not much, o.k., yes we are. Rosemary also got to meet Sue-Anne too and I was forced to shed a tear because the excitement they all had was quite clear.

Pat is busy making cot quilts as she is expecting no less than 3 great grandchildren this year.

This is the centre of a quilt that Kate is making for her quilting retreat ladies to enjoy making this weekend. The fabrics are hand dyed. If you head over to Kate's web site and look under workshops you will see the quilt. I am still waiting for you to tell me you are coming to sew at Kate's and then I can come along too.

The weather here is like a perfect summer's day. There have been bright blue skies without a cloud in sight and oh! so warm. Hope it is being kind to you wherever you may be.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Gosh that must be a fun quilt to make choosing the fabrics for the dresses and then adding the stitchery to the headbands. I am looking forward to the final reveal.
    Loving the look of the cross stitch sampler of course as that is what I love to do best.
    The star for the quilt centre is gorgeous.

  2. I love your new member of the group.She is very bright and that's what i love!!
    Have a nice weekend,Evelyne

  3. How could anyone not like Lavinia, even if she is not family? The quilt centre is beautiful but there seems to be something strange going on with your links so I couldn't check out Kate's web site. Beautiful weather here too but scheduled to change drastically over the next few days, even threat of snow on Tuesday!

  4. Oh, those young girls dancing around are looking very chic and pretty. Lavinia will fit in very well, I'm sure.
    Your sampler is coming along beautifully.
    I saw Rosemary with Elyte and Sue-Anne on the blog having a great time at the Barn..
    Have a nice weekend.
    Julia ♥

  5. Your sampler is looking lovely. I like that your new word is romance. I think we all need a little romance now and then.

    Love your ladies - they look so fresh. Have a lovely weekend Shirley.

  6. Your Ladies are wonderful, love this original project. Beautiful week end.

  7. I first misread the headline as "Lavinia and the Mystery Bloke" lol!!! Love the two newest members of the dance troupe and I'm glad there's no bloke in sight ;).

  8. Just lovely....
    Can't wait to see it finished.
    Love the mariners compass!

  9. Lavinia is a true belle and I am very anxiously waiting for the mystery blond and the big reveal. I too am very envious at not being at Quilts in the Barn with the girls. Take caree.

  10. i just love all your dancing dollies - but the mystery blonde does sound a little bossy...! I'm sure you were still able to have a few good laughs at your stitching group even if half of you were away! Sounds like lovely weather over there - we are having some nice autumn days; not too hot, not too cold!

  11. Lovely to meet another one of the girls. They are all so pretty. Haven't seen Rosemary again but I hope that we can meet up again before she returns.
    It that your FMQ in the last picture?

  12. Lavinia is a treasure - I love her beautiful red dress! We too are having beautiful Autumn weather here, quite warm I think 29oC today. Congratulations to Pat on her GREAT grandchildren and I so wish you were here with Rosemary!!!!!

  13. I just love your girls! Thanks for the lovely quilty show and tell too.

  14. oh I just love these dancing dollies! just adorable! Kathie