Sunday, 4 March 2012

Utility Quilting - Review

I recently purchased this fabulous book by Carolyn Forster. I saw it advertised on the back of the Fabrications magazine and immediately sent for it. I am a big fan of Carolyn's and if you have not come across her before then do check out her blog and web site. In the past few weeks there have been very favourable reviews for this book and you can find out where they have been shown on Carolyn's blog. It has beautiful photography and if you want to know all about big stitch quilting and other easy ways of finishing off a quilt then this is the book for you.The diagrams are easy to follow, well written and a series of step by step photo's show you the way. All aspects of quilt assembly are covered too so a beginner would easily know how to start and finish off and the more established quilter would still find it useful. I have no vested interest in this book and I purchased my copy before the reviews came out but it is now a firm favourite. Carolyn also has a book out called Quilting on the Go plus several individual patterns.

All the projects in the book are doable and believe you me you will want to do them. Starting with the first quilt in the book I have put together my strips along with a gorgeous piece of Philip Jacobs fabric and I am itching to start. The lavender is for a little extra border.

Spring is on it's way and at Kate's on Wednesday we sat outside for our lunch enjoying the warmth. Today however, it is cold and blowy. My friend Angie gave me this lovely bunch of flowers and I love the springlike colours.

On Friday I went to the quilt exhibition at Radstock Museum. Radstock is not an easy place to get to and there was a huge hold up of traffic right in the centre. We, Joan (from Dotty Dolly quilt shop) and myself (I was driving so read I)missed the turning and had to turn back and queue again only to find that the museum didn't open till 2pm. We queued again to get out and headed for Frome, had lunch and indulged in a spot of retail therapy. Frome ( to say it read froom)is a lovely little town and has some fabulous individual shops, Millie Moon for fabric and Marmalade Yarns if you are into knitting. Then we headed back and queued again. Dedication.

This week I have been sewing, honestly. There are 3 more dollies waiting to burst on the scene and then they will be ready for some formation dancing.

This afternoon however, I have been catching up on this sampler from The Historical Sampler Company. I love it and once upon a time I would have happily cross stitched all the time but now my eyes won't let me do it, just in small doses. Today I stitched the word "sweetheart" and the underlying border. I also broke a needle and I don't think I have EVER broken a cross stitch needle.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. I just love that fabric and wool that you bought. Glad that shop is not anywhere near to me. Looks like a nice book, are you going to work your way through it or is it just by chance that you are starting with the first? Nice sampler too.

  2. I'm glad to read such a good review of Carolyn's new book as I've just won a copy and I can't wait to receive it!
    Did you enjoy the exhibition at Radstock museum?? I was meaning to go this weekend but didn't find the time! do you know how long it is on for??

  3. I was unlucky with the giveaway Gill win, but I will order this book as soon it will be available at Book depository, I'm certain it's a book for me !

  4. I think I was to blame that we missed the turning at Radtock, you were driving, and I was navigating as I recall! The book looks really good, I`ll have to indulge myself I think

  5. I'm not a comfortable or frequent hand quilter, but I've seen this book mentioned favorably on so many blogs. It's now on my wish list.
    Looking forward to seeing your dollies dancing :)

  6. Lucky you I hope the exhibition was good.
    Still loving that fabric, and of course the book

  7. I love to hand-quilt, so this book looks like one I need.
    Bring out the dollies soon Shirley, can't wait to see them again. Love your x-stitch redwork..

  8. That book sounds really good and your flowers are gorgeous. Sounds like you had a fun day at the museum and love your new purchases! looking forward to seeing some more dollies.

  9. I'm sure I'd love that book, I'm going to put it on the list. You have some great stuff there, I love that grey mum fabric. I say the dollies need to have a showing too.

  10. It's a bit of a shock when a needle breaks in half in your hand.
    I couldn't quite believe it!
    When I see that book I might just have to get it...

  11. That book looks very appealing and I like the project and fabric that you have chosen. Those flowers are so pretty. We are moving into Autumn now and everything is starting to look droopy and tired. I have spoken to Rosemary and hope to meet with her soon.

  12. That looks like a great book and I will certainly add one to my library as I agree with her philosophy of quilt finishing. Great collection of goodies you acquired. Take care.

  13. Good review but then you know I like it too! Power X-stitching if you go breaking needles SS!

  14. The book has gone straight on my wish list.
    Lovely yarn stash and your cross stitch is beautiful.

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