Monday, 9 April 2012

I Get By With A Little Help

This last week I have had a little extra help from my feathered friend Frank. For some reason he got a little excited and insisted on helping me with the stitching of the borders for the Dancing Dollies. My aim this week is to have the top finished and ready to show. I planned to do this ages ago but I am way behind schedule.

The other weekend was Westpoint and I didn't show you my spoils. I had a lovely day with Wendy and Pat.

Two bag kits. Both gorgeous and I couldn't decide which one to buy. Pat said "Life is too short for such decisions - have them both", so I did.

Patterns that I had to have for my collection.

Fabric that had to come home with me. Loved the greens and the greys are to add to my stash for a certain project that is still in my head. It takes a while to get all those fabrics together. The jelly roll of "hot" plains had my name on it, not sure yet what for. I forgot my camera again so no pics of any quilts.

Good Friday was a good day weather wise so we set off for a long walk along the river Tone to Hankridge Farm for a spot of lunch. On the way I happened to glance up in a tree and there were all these pom poms. Not sure why but they looked amusing. Not even sure what the tree is.

On the way back we passed Somerset County Cricket Ground where a game was in progress. There was a gap in the wall where we could see a little bit of the action.
These are for you Leanne, when you are watching the cricket with Tony you never know I may be on the other side of the wall peering in. You may notice that it is surrounded by churches.

Well, back to the stitching. Hope you all had a great Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate.



  1. Great fabrics and patterns!!
    Is your tree a plane tree? the fruits look like it!

  2. Now that's the reason you are getting so much sewing done, you have an adorable little helper.....well the secrets out now Shirley!lol
    Loving your dancing dollies quilt & all those goodies purchased will keep you busy!

  3. I have popped in via Patchwork Chickens and have been delighted by both your blogs. You are a talented lady indeed and there is much joy to be found here. I am your newest, happiest follower!


  4. I will have to get Saffy helping me - best she has managed is sniffing and sitting on my fabric!

    Go Frank - he is your secret weapon!

  5. Nice this little helper.
    The borders looks lovely!
    Happy stitching Frank!

  6. Nice collection of spoils Shirley...that will keep you happy and busy for some time.
    lovely to see Frank helping you , now we wil get to see the dollies sooner..
    Julia ♥

  7. I like your friend Pat's idea! Life is indeed to short to make such weighty decision ;). I hope your little friend is keeping up his good work ;).

  8. Frank is a very good helper!!
    I can't wait to see the dollies finished.
    The tree looks like a London Plane,we have two of them.
    They are beautiful trees too.

  9. Hi Shirley, your budgie is sooo cute!. Love the bag patterns. Glad you got them both. Life is too short! If pushed I would have chosen the one on the right.

  10. How lucky you are to have such a cute little helper. You have picked up some lovely little patterns in your travels.
    I don't think that I will get to see Rosemary again. I had hoped to have another day together but work, school holidays and Easter got in the way. I think that I will have to ditch the work, it is interfering with my social life!

  11. What a wonderful helper to have and he brought a smile to my face. Bags are "my one weakness" and I just love the new patterns - you certainly couldn't leave any of them behind. I am interested to know more about what you have in mind for those lovely fabrics. Take care.

  12. Isn't Frank adorable! Wish I could have helping hand with my sewing :-) love the angel basket pattern...that looks so pretty. Can't wait to see your version.

  13. Ah how cute is he? I've seen cat and dog "helpers" but never a budgie. I love his name too.
    What lovely stash you bought at the show. Can't wait for you to make the basket.

  14. Nice post. This is one I did on life being too short. Life is too short

  15. What a great little helper. Thanks for stopping by the other day. Ralph is always an inspiration to all.

  16. Frank looks gorgeous and can't wait to see your finished dollies.