Wednesday, 25 January 2012


They say that nothing good ever comes from staring at the bottom of an empty glass but as I finished my Babycham there at the bottom of the glass was a hexagon. Who would have thought to look there for one. The more I looked the more I saw as they graduated in size down the stem of the glass.

Talking of hexagons. I am still plodding on and still have many more to sew but I am halfway there.

Today I have been indulging myself in a little bit of scrap sewing. Selvedges to be more exact. I had all my scraps neatly stored in a box and of course now it looks like an explosion and I am wondering how I am going to get them all back in the box and shut the lid. It also has not made even a little dent in the mass. This probably will be a wallhanging.

Two more Farmer's Wife blocks which brings the total up to 13.

Block 12


This was definitely an unlucky number. I discovered that the sizing is completely out on this one. It has gone back in the box until I have the will to put it right and continue. Lesson learned - check the size before stitching. It is so out that no way can I even fudge it.

All the small blocks for Dancing Dollies are done and there are 3 very excited girls waiting in the wings to make their debut on the blogging stage.

Total housebuilding stands at 5. These 3" blocks really do make the most of tiny scraps. Now I knew why I was saving them.

DIY of a different kind. My new bedroom. Well, it will be in a few more days. By the end of the week I expect it to be completely done, new curtains installed and all shipshape. Meanwhile, everywhere else looks rather untidy and will need an early Spring clean.

Happy Stitching.



  1. I remain convinced that you don't sleep - you've done so much on so many things. Are you taking extra oatcakes perhaps?

  2. Laughed when I read that the more you looked the more hexagons you saw - I thought it might be all the Babycham making you see double. Very productive. Hope you get your scraps back in the box. How come the more we use, the bigger the pile becomes?

  3. It's such fun, finding reminders of our beloved quilting in the everyday things we see. I had to check out Babycham, as it was unfamiliar.

    You've been busy with all these WIPs. No chance of getting bored with such varied projects. Those pesky scraps--fun to use but they definitely grow when we're not looking.

  4. Wow you have been busy, Babycham , I haven't heard of that since then 60's I'm sure you are not that old Shirley. Hope you saw double after it. The hexagons would grow double quick. Lol

    I see a man's head just peeping out over the bed. Did you lock Mick in there?

  5. How do you find the time to do all this Shirley? Can`t wait to see the dancing dolls, I love the colours.

  6. Made me laugh Shirley..babycham must have been nice..
    Lots of lovely projects on the go, will be looking forward to seeing the Dancing Dolls take their debut.
    Julia ♥

  7. You have been very productive despite the make over. Those selvedges look so bright and pretty. You do find your hexagons in the strangest places. Glad to see that the FW is chugging along. Looking forward to meeting the Dancing Dollies.

  8. I can not only see a hexagon, but he has a sad face because there is no champayne left!

    Lots of work getting done at your house Shirley. Love it all and can't wait to see those dollies debut.

  9. That Baby Cham glass seems to be getting a work out LOL. You have been busy. A new bedroom always means mess everywhere else.

  10. You have once again been busy! Love the box of hexagons, so beautiful. And all the different blocks, what can I say? All of them gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Good luck with the renovations!

  11. Breathe and say it's all in the design.( not the finish:-))
    Hope to see you next Weds, what can I say i love it all!
    Sorry i missed Weds, had a bit more of a problem than I thought-whoops!

  12. What a lovely lot of work you have accomplished. Congratulations! I love your dancing dollies and the hexagons look terrific. Keep up the good work. ;)

    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  13. Wow lots of gorgeous busy-ness at your end of the world! Was just thinking about you last night as we were watching Downton Abbey and was wondering how your dancing dollies were going ;-) I had planned on doing a FW block tomorrow morning - looking at all the pieces in #13 makes me think it wont be that one!! Your houses and selvedges look great - I like the way you have kept quite a wide bit of fabric on your selvedges - makes a colourful block. Amazing where those hexies pop up isn't it?!