Sunday, 5 February 2012

House Building

This week there have been two houses built. All the pieces came from the scrap bag and Wendy may recognise the ones on the right as they came from a rummage in the scrap bag that she gave me. I know they were meant for the doggy pillows and yes, I know, I am shameless but, the real scraps have gone into the pillow. Honest!

Total houses built - 7.

Quiltmania is my favourite magazine and I just had to make this little pouch from this issue. It took a bit of humming and arrghing and some head scratching but eventually it worked out and I am thrilled with the result.The pattern is a log cabin formula and is made of folds of fabric. The fabrics were a gift from my friend Pat last year and high time they were used. I can see lots of possibilities with this little bag and may be making a few more. The hardest part was fitting the little zippers onto the zip itsself. Fiddly. Inside though, it is finished beautifully as per instructions.

Down at Cawsands the other weekend I found this beautiful hydrangea in a churchyard. It was a blustery day and this flower was rocking about so I am amazed to snap it so well. The petals had gone skeletal and looked quite beautiful. They look like handmade lace.

The bedroom is at last finished and no I didn't lock my husband in there or the builder for that matter. The builder/decorator did a great job and we are pleased with our new look room. I patiently waited my turn and over the months the doubt kicked in and I thought my choices of everything wouldn't work, but it does. Phew!! The kitchen too is now neat and fresh and I am on a mission to de junk my house.(Not my sewing room though).

I did sew together quite a few hexagons but thought that they would save for the grand reveal. One day that will happen.

Hope that wherever you are you are staying warm/cool and enjoying some stitching.


  1. Love the bag Shirley, the fabrics are right up my street. The bedroom is looking pretty good too! Love Joan

  2. I was eyeing that bag pattern. Yours looks great, and I'm happy to here you'd make more. I might have to give it a try now.

  3. The bedroom is looking good. Love the grey on the wall. Noticed that their is not a bit of pink in sight LOL.Your room really picks up the colours from the Hydrangea was that intentional ?

    Great little bag.Knew you had to have a little bit of pink somewhere.
    Sue x

  4. The bedroom looks great - the colours are very style-y. I have to wait a bit for that edition of Quiltmania but I am inspired by that bag pattern - looks like I will be 'coming' to you for advise when I get to it!! Your houses are very cute.

  5. Your little houses are so sweet. Such pretty fabrics. I love your bag too. Awesome.

  6. Your bedroom looks gorgeous, well worth the wait and inconvenience.
    That little purse is a winner and your fabrics suit it perfectly. Just in case I might want one too, in what issue does it feature? Great use of your scraps in those little houses.

  7. Your bedroon looks lovely and fresh..Great looking bag, must check out that magazine,looks like one I might like.
    have a great week.
    Julia ♥

  8. Love the bag Shirley and your newly decorated room looks very stylish indeed. I love Quiltmania and now have a regular subscription. Take care.

  9. The new look of your bedroom is lovely; very cozy indeed. And the little bag is stunning. Of course I want to see how it looks inside ;). How many houses have you made altogether? Are you keeping up?

  10. Your little houses are cute and I think if you were able to use Wendy's fabrics then they weren't really scraps....
    That hydrangea looks hauntingly beautiful and your new bedroom looks fantastic! A job very very well done. xxx

  11. That pouch is gorgeous. I have that Quiltmania ...must go back and have another look at it!

  12. The plan to dejunk a home is a noble one. I hope to do the same over the next few months. But that task is never at the top of my list. There are always other things to be done that have a deadline of some sort.

    Confession time -- I do the same thing with fabric scraps destined for the dog pillows. I don't transfer anything to the dog pillows that I can cut into strips or squares or sew into HSTs. Some of the things others throw away gives me fits of nausea. It's not garbage!! It's usable!! My recent Valentine finish was made from just such saved fabric. We aren't sick, are we?

  13. A definite eye candy post Shirley. I just love that pouch and the hydrangea photo. Wish my bedroom looked that stylish. It really is lovely and you may have inspired me to get some decorating done once the weather warms up. Don't you just wish you could build real houses as lovely as these in a week - you could become a millionaire.

  14. Love the bag,please bring it to show and tell, then maybe I cn sneak it away, pretending it is scraps:-)
    Love the little houses, maybe I will find more, poor doggies!
    See you later

  15. Great little houses and wish my bedroom was as tidy!

  16. Hi Shirley,

    That is one gorgeous pouch! You room looks good too. We moved late last year and are in that horrible stage of living with someone else's decorating. The interior of our house is grey (not trendy grey, but late 80s grey) with fluoro lighting - it's depressing. Your feature wall looks very lovely. I have paint envy.

    Have a great week,

  17. The pouch is beautiful. You used such pretty fabrics.