Monday, 13 June 2011

Thou Shalt Not Covet......

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours fabric, particularly when she is wearing it. This is Pat's shirt (yes, she is wearing it) and she is very lucky that I have not cut a square out as in the patchwork adverts, you know the one. Husband is asleep in the chair and wife has cut out bits of his shirt and is quilting them whilst her friend looks on. I adore this fabric.

We have been to St Ives this weekend for a little bit of rest and recuperation. It would be churlish of me not to call in the bead shop and buy one or two or three, ok, more than a few things. Someone has to keep them going. Well, I wasn't alone in there and that shop is really an Aladdin's Cave of sparkly bits and pieces and I would like to challenge anyone to come out empty handed. The woman before me at the till said to the assistant " when I come in again later don't say - back again?, you haven't seen me before, right!".

The weather on Saturday was lovely and hot and we sat in our deck chairs watching these Cornish Luggers or fishing boats. This one just let down its sail as I clicked the camera, the sails are traditionally a reddish canvas. The bead shop is just behind those boats on the opposite side of the harbour. Honestly, I WAS watching the boats.

Progress on Camelot means that I have passed the halfway stage now. All the templates are ready and waiting. The pieces for block 10 have been prepped. It takes me so long to decide on colour combinations and even then when I have cut them out I make changes.

Block 7

Block 8

Block 9

A bit of a finish in the knitting department. Remember the yarn I bought at the Quilt Show at Malvern? well, it has become a very colourful shawl. Beads have been added at the edge and are knitted in. I was told that the ball of wool would knit the shawl and I ran out before the end. Rather than buy another ball I just undid a few rows and added the beads and held my breath that there would be enough to finish it. I finished with about 6"s of yarn to spare. I am not that fond of the colours but wanted to see how it knitted up and the pattern was very easy. The pattern came free with the yarn and is Noro Kureyon. ( Details in previous post). I am sure that I have something more suited to my taste in my stash and will definitely make another one.

My niece Megan has taken up patchwork and is busy making hexagons for a quilt for her new bed. She is well and truly hooked. As we live so far apart lessons have been conducted by email and phone and I am impressed with her keenness. According to Meg, today's Daily Mail newspaper says that quilting makes you happy. Now we already knew that didn't we. You can see a bit more on her blog. When her exams are finished then hopefully she will post a bit more.

Sorry, for the long post. I must blog more often and then I won't need to write such an essay.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. I just love the Camelot blocks Shirley, can`t wait to see the finished quilt. Lucky you going to St. Ives for the weekend - hope the weather was better on Sunday than it was here!

  2. That shirt is definitely too pretty to be a shirt. The Camelot blocks are continuingly(?) gorgeous. St Ives is definitely worth a trip for the beads alone. Megan's hexagons are lovely too.

  3. SS love your blocks - stunning! Glad the weather was good in Cornwall. I'm thinking it is good we don't live closer else you might cut up my clothes! Haha! 'Cos I want to recycle them myself...

  4. Those blocks are looking stunning! I had a GJ delivery yesterday. Oh to have a rummage in the shop....

  5. You may covet anything you like. I am sure if you cut a some piece out if the back she will not notice until she irons the shirt. If it was me I might never notice as I rarely iron. I love your blocks I really love the fabric choices in 7. Are they hand pieced or is that a stupid question. That fishing boat reminded me of my father bless him I have a photo of him as a young man in a very similar boat. It is freezing here ....... Well for South Aussie standards nice to see you are having some sunshine.

  6. oh shirley ! your camelot blocks are looking very gorgeous ! it is so interesting for me to see how everyone treats them, all so different!!! there is quite a array of them on the flickr group now. looks like a lovely village to visit, boats and water are always good to look at, very calming !

  7. It's a great post Shirley..LOVE the Camelot have done such a beautiful and neat job on them...they look perfect!
    Love your shawl too..
    Julia ♥

  8. Your Camelot blocks are so beautiful.

  9. I love those ads when the quilty woman's husband is asleep! Did you check that Pat didn't make her shirt...there could be scraps lying around if she did!!you have been busy while not blogging - you're making great progress on your camelots and I think that's a great idea to put beads on the edge of your shawl.

  10. Hi Shirley, glad to hear that you got away for a little bit of R&R to St Ives. It brings back very good memories. My son flew out to London yesterday. He will be meeting up with friends and visiting several European countries. I can't be too jealous, I had my turn not too long ago. Your Camelot blocks are just gorgeous and your colour choices look great to me all beautifully sewn together. You will have a quilt before you know it! Recently I picked up a small book with lots of very cute sock patterns so I hope to dabble in some knitting too.

  11. Your Camelot blocks are stunning!

    As for the shirt...I often covet the shirts worn by the men of Top Gear! Especially James May! He wears really nice shirts!!

  12. Beautiful blocks! Can't believe you are already halfway through. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Wonderful to hear that young people are interested in quilting. So far my own daughter doesn't show the least bit of interest! But I can hope, can't I?

  13. Oh my -- the fabric in your friend's shirt is tugging at my heart as well. It's so unusual and it would be soooo tempting to cut away just a bit for a block. She certainly wouldn't mind, would she?
    Your Camelot blocks are stunning. You want Pat's shirt and I want your blocks. :) It's hard not to covet with such beauty all around.

  14. Your Camelot blocks are captivating! I do so love their color combinations. And I can see why you covet that fabric! I would, too! I've never seen it before. The beads are lovely as well. Thanks for the inspiring post.