Thursday, 26 May 2011

Retail Therapy

Just in case you have forgotten who I am let me tell you that I am still around, not achieving very much, but keeping up with you all when blogger isn't messing me about. I have tried to leave messages but somehow after a frustrating time it all goes to pot.

Well, I have finished block 7 of Camelot and as you can see they are coming along nicely. I do hope more people will give this project a go as it is fabulous. It will really test your piecing skills. My favourite is always the one I have just finished, so, on to the next one.

On Sunday I went to Quilts UK at Malvern with Kate and Margaret. Unfortunately there were notices around saying that photo's could not be published in any shape or form so cannot show you the winning quilt. Instead I will just have to show you the spoils from the retail therapy bit. Spoilt for choice and really not needing anything other than pins this is what I came home with.

A very pretty jelly roll pack

A pack of fabrics from Worn and Washed ( I love this stand and will happily stay at it all day just sighing and stroking the lovely used fabrics that Kim makes into such pretty quilts). In keeping with the worn and washed and recycled fabric philosophy Kim used old embroidered tablecloths as backings for some of her quilts. A great way to use up these items that we no longer seem to have use for and they can be bought fairly cheaply from a charity shop or car boot sale. I shall certainly be looking at these things in a new light.

A small bundle of wool fabric and a star pattern from
Madeleine Millington.

I had to have my little fix of Japanese books. I love them even though I cannot understand a single word. Luckily the diagrams and photo's are so good that it only takes a little bit of thought to work it all out. The other book is by Kathleen Tracy, The Civil War Sewing Circle.

Have already earmarked a few projects to do. This is only page 1 and look at all those scrummy hexagons. I know I am obsessed. A lot of the items in these books are small and therefore it seems a good opportunity to use up some of those scraps that I keep hoarding.

I also bought a ball of Noro Wool from The Knitting Parlour and had to start it immediately. I won't tell you what it is yet. It definitely isn't socks. It is unusual to see a knitting stand at a quilt show but I cannot pass it by without buying something as it is so good.

Barbara and Chris you were missed this year not having your stand in its usual place. I do hope you will be back again next time.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. I love the Worn and Washed fabrics Shirley, I have made several things in the past with Kim`s lovely fabrics. At present I have a set of lovely old flanelette fabrics that I bought at Malvern last year. You look like you have lots to do and I am looking forward to seeing all your creations!

  2. Know what you mean about worn and washed - I bought two rolls years ago but haven't quite finished the quilts yet - this year, I hope!

  3. Loving how Camelot is coming on- Sorry to have missed Malvern this year, my son's timing is awful. I have the Civil War circle book and love those little projects. Those Japanese books are just soooooooo tempting. Maybe a quick cause in the language might not go a miss.
    Love Sue x

  4. So many lovely things. Camelot is looking so beautiful.

  5. I've just admired the Camelot blocks over at Valentina's and now I can admire yours as well. They do look stunning. I'm wondering what background fabric you'll choose.

  6. Your Camelot blocks are amazing they look so complicated. Love all your goodies and books from the show. Sounds like you had a great time
    Michelle x

  7. What a inspiring post! It was a treat to see your beautifully-pieced Camelot blocks. They certainly look challenging but I'm sure they are very much worth the effort. Love all your fun finds, too!

  8. here I am Shirley..hope this works..
    Love the look of the Japanese books, can you please tell me where to get them..
    Everything is gorgeous..
    Julia ♥

  9. Your Camelot is really beautiful!!! love all your those hexie bags look tempting... Glad you had a great time :-) hugs

  10. Your purchases look great. I managed to keep away from most of the retail stands, although not quite all. I keep looking at those Japanese books - maybe at the FOQ! I am loving your Camelot blocks, far too complicated for me - I like easy! The Civil War book is reviewed in this month's P&Q mag and looks really interesting.

  11. Lovely post. So many pretty things to see and imagine. Your Camelot blocks are amazing. Wow!!!

  12. You have struck gold with all those wonderful purchases. Yum, yum, yum. Those little hexagon projects are heavenly.
    Your Camelot blocks look wonderful all together. This will be a quilt to pass on to future generations.

  13. Sorry I missed it, no photos, not fair!
    Have been busy not sewing, you will see why!!!!
    Your camelot blocks are gorgeous, even better in the flesh.
    Love it all

  14. I have been following you camalot blocks for a while and they look so nice all together,cant wait to see it finished

  15. Mega impressed with the Camelot blocks, hankering after one of those natty hexie bags and really missing not having been at the show this year. Jackie & Steph from Cupcake Cottons were very able deputies I felt - !! but will be back in the usual spot next year. Saw a car sticker today that read "Stokes 12th man" - am feeling a descriptive slogan for the two of us coming on ...

  16. The fact that your latest Camelot block is always your favourite speaks volumes -- they're absolutely beautiful blocks, and you should be very proud of every single one. They're VERY tempting.
    Wonderful purchases, every one. I've had that K. Tracy book in hand more than once and keep putting it back. One of these days it'll follow me home.

  17. Your Camelot blocks look gorgeous Shirley!