Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hot Pants

If you need a good idea for using up those leftover pinwheel blocks or indeed any other blocks for that matter then check out what the best dressed legs are wearing. I spotted this in a magazine whilst waiting for an appointment and just had to bring the page home with me. Of course you will then need a matching jacket and bag.

Kate is in finishing off mode ready for her up and coming exhibition in September and behind her is a quilt based on a Navajo Blanket. It comes complete with a dream catcher.

Yesterday at sewing we had a new recruit in the form of little Raya seen here with doting mum Wendy.

On Sunday we decided to take a trip and headed for Woolacombe on the North Devon Coast. The sand there is lovely and soft and it has good surfing waves. On the way there part of the road had been closed for maintenance and we were diverted through the country roads. The scenery was spectacular and well worth the detour but on route we passed a village that was holding some sort of fun day - The Rackenford Scarecrow Olympics. Various scarecrows were placed around on seats and in gardens and then we spotted one running, one hurdling, swimming and even one pole vaulting over a hedge. That in itsself was funny but just as we were leaving the village and it never entered my head to get my camera out of my bag ,doh!there was a pole dancing scarecrow clad in leopard print lycra. My husband piped up with the comment - "now that would be worth watching". Tickets anyone?!!!

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. I can just see you in a pair of those leggings Shirley :-).
    Love Kates quilt and that pup looks really hugable .

  2. OMG's that for chic!
    Would look good on some, but not on my funny legs..
    Gorgeous quilt, and what a lovely face that puppy has..
    Julia ♥

  3. they do that down here in tasmania with the scarecrows! it makes driving out on the open roads very interesting and i love them. it is alot of fun!!!

  4. Absolutely love the fun pinwheel outfit - I now know what to run up if I want to cause a stir around town! Kate's quilt is wonderful and I am sure her exhibition will be stunning. Cute new stitching buddy. Take care

  5. Did you see the price of the leggings - £150.00!
    I`m loving the beach huts in the last picture. Hope you had a lovely day there.

  6. I showed my adult daughters the wild leggings, and neither said anything. I suppose they weren't sure if I wanted a pair for myself, or (shudder) afraid that I was suggesting they wear a pair. I put their minds at ease--I was just sharing the photo as I thought they were so unique.
    I admire the bold lines and wonderful colors in the Navajo quilt.
    Wish I could give little Raya a hug. I'm sure puppy kisses would come my way. What a cutie!

  7. Those scarecrow Olympics must have to be seen to be believed. The fact that Mick saw them too meant that you weren't dreaming!
    Very cute little puppy. Hope it stayed away from all the sewing bits and pieces.

  8. Lovely quilt and pup - interesting idea - a pole dancing scarecrow! What next?