Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nicki's Wedding

Today is the wedding of my daughter's close friend Nicki. They have known each other since primary school when Nicki used to call every morning always with a beautiful, beaming smile. Her smile today was radiant. Along with a street full of well wishers we stood outside for photographs.

Admiring the back of the dress which was heavily laced and ruched at the bodice. At the side was a large sequined bow which was echoed with a smaller bow on the opposite side of the dress at the shoulder. She looked beautiful.

Rachel, one of 8 bridesmaids. Looking equally as beautiful.

All 6 of the older bridesmaids and the two flower girls.

Inside the car with proud dad Stuart and that dazzling smile. Off to meet her beau.

Wendy now has the borders on Laura's quilt and that little strip of green is the perfect shade. Kate helped and it is now sandwiched together ready for quilting. The outer flowers are going to be added afterwards. It is going to be so pretty Wendy and I love it. The pattern is from a Material Obsession book.

Margaret is working on a quilt that she fell in love with after seeing it in an Australian magazine. I cannot remember the name. This is one of the blocks. Very fiddly little pieces but so pretty.

Camelot - Block 5. For more inspiration and a glimpse at the beauty of these blocks then visit Valentina who is doing a wonderful job.

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. Gorgeous wedding photos Shirley - looks like a beautiful day. Your Camelot block is just perfect - I drooled over Valentina's too!! Margaret and Wendy's work are both lovely - the little bird is so sweet - is she needleturning it?.

  2. Lovely wedding snaps. They all look so happy and beautiful. The weather even looks nice. I love Wendy's quilt.

  3. Lovely wedding photos...the bride looks wishes to them for a wonderful future together,,
    Love your Camelot block.
    Julia ♥

  4. Gorgeous wedding pics - Amy's dress was a very similar style with the way it laced up at the back and the ruching. Your daughter looks gorgeous and I love the yellow roses!

    Your Camelot blocks are simply stunning Shirley.

  5. Lovely wedding pictures- Nice to see the rain held for her. They all look gorgeous!
    I am also loving Camelot- Where did you get the pattern for that?

  6. Aren't brides lovely?? The blocks are coming along nicely too. Great colours.

  7. Oh, and Oh! and another Ooooh!
    :) Really Shirley, what a lovely bride, sweet quilts and another AMAZING block! I haven't dared pressing mine yet, and I am still waiting for my background--dissapointed, so I just keep stitching... HUG! Thanks for sending people my way... :)

  8. Beautiful wedding photos Shirley. Rachel looks gorgeous. I hope that a wonderful day was had by all.
    Your Camelot block is stunning and you are doing a fabulous job with this project. Really, who needs Merlin when you responsible for such gorgeous blocks.

  9. The dresses and the young ladies are all lovely. I'm sure it was a special day.

    I'm so impressed with your Camelot block, as I was with Valentina's. It's not for a beginner, I'm sure. You gals know how wow us!

  10. What a very radiant bride, lovely photos. Your latest Camelot block is gorgeous and I really like the Material Obsession quilt. The bird block is lovely but I think I would prefer my pieces bigger - something to do with the eyesight!! Are you heading to Malvern at all next week?