Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lone Pie

This week I managed to make the sum total of one pie. That makes the total 11. Yesterday I found this little cookery book at the garden centre and thought it very appropriate. Amazing what you can find when you get a theme going.

All the hexagons are now finished on the kaleidoscope quilt and this is where I have come up against a brick wall.

Plan A - could not get anymore fabric. I had the idea that I could fussy cut more shapes to make a border. This would have worked brilliantly and I still have it in my head that this is what it needs.

Plan B - did not have enough of the left overs to do something creative for the borders. Again it would work but still did not have enough fabric.

Plan C - still thinking about Plan C. Maybe Plan C is to carry on searching for some more fabric and then I can carry out Plan A and even add Plan B. We will see.

Sunday morning we woke up to quite a breezy day. I heard something fall and when I looked out of the window there was the giant sunflower - gone. As you can see it was uprooted like a tree. It had been quite magnificent.

Saturday's post bought a lovely package from Elyte in Australia. Elyte's quilting group are the Bluegum Quilters and they were focused in the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine. In November they are holding their exhibition and Elyte sent me the magazine and a few little goodies. Notice the lovely pink fabric and some pretty wooden heart buttons. The fabric is from a range called Under the Australian Sun and Elyte tells me they are gum blossoms. Also there came with the magazine a dvd on perfecting bindings and borders. The quilt on the cover of that is to die for and on my ever growing wish list of quits to make. Thank you Elyte. I am so excited because I am going to meet this lady sometime soon when she comes to England. Counting down the number of sleeps now Elyte.

I also enjoyed reading about Frances Leate(Quilting Owl blog) and her amazing studio. Frances is responsible for me joining in with Pies and Tarts. Well, I am of course responsible for my own actions but Frances makes the most yummy of pies and I just couldn't resist. No will power, I am afraid.

Last week I also finished a piece of knitting that I was quite pleased with. I cannot show you the results as no sooner had I finished it, Rachel whipped it away and wore it. Several of her friends have put in requests. Fat chance girls. You may be waiting a long while in the queue for finished items. Let me just say that it was a pink and pretty little sweater. She is after all her mother's daughter!!!

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Your hexies quilt is wonderful, no idea how to help you, sorry.

  2. The hexies quilt looks fantastic- You must be able to find some more from somewhere. Malvern show coming up at the end of the month. Lucky old Rachel she need something to comfort her.

  3. Your kaleidoscope quilt is absolutely stunning and I am sure you will solve the border dilemma - I really enjoy this type of challenge involving fabric! Lovely pie to add to the collection. It is a shame about your lovely sunflower but as I live in a cyclone prone area I know all about windy weather which knocks down vegetation. Take care.

  4. Stunning kaleidoscope quilt Shirley, simply gorgeous! I hope you have success in finding some more fabric......maybe put out a call to all quilting bloggers, someone may have some to share from their stash?

  5. Goodluck with your decision making regarding your hexie quilt...it is just gorgeous!
    My daughter (8) only planted sunflower seeeds in our garden yesterday. we both have the gardening bug at the moment!
    Lisa ʚϊɞ

  6. Your hexagons are the loveliest I've seen. Fussy cutting produces spectacular, showy little beauties.
    What is the fabric that you're looking for? There are quilters around the world who could put the word out for you.
    If you don't find more, I'm sure you'll solve your dilemma, but option #1 would be the most logical.

  7. Lovely pie, what exactly are you going to do with them? The hexagon quilt is gorgeous, I do hope that you can find the right fabric to finish it.

  8. You'll love that mag Shirley, that's our top selling quilting mag here..Love your pie and hexies..
    Try this place for your fabric, they help find fabric for you, just email the name of the fabric witha photo..

  9. You Have been busy and what lovely treats you got in the mail. I bet if you posted the fabric on your blog, someone would be able to track it down.

  10. The quilt top looks lovely. Maybe a co-ordinating fabric with a scalloped border?
    You will find the right finish, I am sure of it.
    Yes, not long to go now, but will I be ready to board that plane?

  11. Shirley,

    I've been so busy with my own projects that I have not taken the time recently to check out yours!

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! GORGEOUS!!!!!

    : D

    ~ Ronda

  12. Hi Shirley, I hope you are having some luck finding more fabric for your gorgeous hexagon quilt... or more ideas for completing it! Love your pie - it just looks so yummy - that cookbook is a great find! What a lovely surprise to arrive in the post for you, it sounds like you have read the book cover to cover already :-)