Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sarah Morell

This week I took the plunge and started the Sarah Morell quilt. I have been gathering a few fabrics and watching and learning, waiting for the right moment to start my own masterpiece. This quilt isn't for the faint hearted but nothing ventured, nothing gained and I am not one to shy away from a challenge. This is the centre of the medallion block and as far as I have got. There is still quite a bit of work before this block will be finished. Only another 60 - yes 60, blocks to go.

Having finished the little sweater for Rachel I have now started something a little warmer for her. She may get it in the summer!! The yarn and pattern are from Bergere de France. Whilst I was knitting I was suddenly aware of the pattern in the ball of yarn and thought it interesting. Inspiration is everywhere that you care to look. In this I see a log cabin set on point.

I am still in love with hexagons. I am re-using the papers from the kaleidoscope quilt and using fabrics only from my stash. It will be just very simple and lovely I think. Sometimes they are the best. I can cut out and sew and stitch whenever the urge takes me.

Yesterday we went for a drive down to Dartmouth. It is a beautiful place on the River Dart in South Devon. This photo is at the River mouth looking towards Dartmouth Castle. It is also where The Mayflower and The Speedwell docked before sailing of to America. They started off together from Southampton but the ailing Speedwell needed repairs and didn't make the journey. This is what they would have set sail to. Dartmouth is also home to the Naval College.

On the opposite side of the River is Kingsbridge. It is steep and pretty and you cross via the ferry. It was also home to Agatha Christie, famous for her crime writing.

This lone swan was majestically swimming in the harbour, just waiting for some attention and no doubt a bit of food.

There are some fabulous buildings to look at and again the inspiration is there if you care to look.

How about the Mayflower as the centre medallion and all those applique blocks?

How about some English Paper Piecing?

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Shirley you have chosen a massive task but the results will be sensational. We visited Quilts in the Barn yesterday and the Secret Sewing Sisterhood had their quilts on display, including their Sarah Morell quilts. You should be seeing some pictures of this exhibition on blogs soon. The quilts were so beautiful, the colours, the designs, the workmanship, quit breath taking. And the afternoon teas were sensational. 2 more sleeps to go!

  2. I LOVE the center of your medallion block! And the pattern you found in your ball of yarn is very cool.

    Thanks for the tours. You are a wonderful tour guide, and find the most interesting things to show us!

    ~ Ronda

  3. Hi Shirley, Your Sarah Morrell block is stunning. I love the colours you are using. I saw Di's quilt on Friday at Quilts in the Barn and it is a beautiful quilt.

    Love all your travel photos - we have a town called Dartmouth near us and it was a town that grew when they were building the Dartmouth Dam, one of our major dams in N E Victoria.

    Love the hexie diamonds too.

  4. You have a lovely blog. I adore hexagons too. I watch with interest as your Morrell quilt grows

  5. what a lovely quit that will be....I so enjoy the senic tours you often take us on and yes is it not interesting how you can see a pattern in almost anything you see, if you only look! Good eye!

  6. Wonderful post!! I am so excited to see your progress with your SM quilt. Lovely first block.

    The hexie diamonds seem to be calling my name and yours are so pretty.

    Thank you for the tour!

  7. You have made a wonderful start to the SM quilt and I will enjoy watching it evolve. Love the hexies and thank you for the visit to Dartmouth. I feel sorry sometimes for non quilters who miss out on seeing all that wonderful inspiration in such unusual places. Great photos. Happy stitching!

  8. Wow, I will watch your SM quilt with interest - I don't think I have seen this one; love your hexies and your photos - inspiration is everywhere isn't it? Thankyou for sharing :-)

  9. That looks such an interesting quilt. Will look forard to seeing your progress.

  10. I love the colours you are using for your Sarah Morrell quilt. I am sure you will love making every block. I love forward to watching your progress.
    Mine is nearly done....only 8 blocks to go!

  11. Lovey post Shirley...I love the colours you are using for your Sarah Morrell ..
    Amazing what you see when you really look..yes sometimes inspiration can be found in the strangest places..
    Julia ♥

  12. Your first block for your new quilt looks stunning. Did you sew it by hand or by machine? I'm sure it's going to be your masterpiece! And what a beautiful part of the world you come from! Or is Devon not not home? In any case, it looks lovely. By the way: have you found more Tula Pink fabric? If not, try this web site: might be able to locate some for you. Good luck. Cheers Vreni

  13. I've had to put my Morrell quilt on hold for now but it's lovely to see you jump in and the first block is progressing beautifully. The photos of Dartmouth are wonderful to see.

  14. 60 blocks sounds a lot to me. Your first one looks lovely.I enjoyed my virtual visit to Dartmouth. I love the swan we have Black swans and I see some each day as I drive to work. The hexis are looking good I am still ploughing along with mine they are growing though.

  15. Your first Morrell block looks just the ticket. I shall enjoy seeing this quilt develop.
    Their is nothing like Britain on a sunny Autumn day. Looks like it was great day out.

  16. Very interesting to see Dartmouth, I live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, also on the sea with a lovely harbour. Halifax Harbour.