Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Birthday Girls

Today was a triple celebration day. We celebrate our birthdays at whichever is the closest Wednesday. Both Rosemary and Pat were away for theirs and Wendy has hers in the next week and today was the chosen day. The birthday girls are depicted in the cake made by Kate. They are very snug and cosy in bed under a patchwork quilt. Wendy is the one in the middle, Pat is to the left and Rosemary to the right. It was good to have a full house (6 of us) today and it has been a good laugh. Happy Birthdays girls.

Wendy has finished her challenge quilt. Well done Wendy. It looks great and I do love the green you have used.

Remember The Challenge we were set by Wendy way back? Well, I had to wait for my gift as Rosemary was away on holiday and Rosemary received hers today from Pat. I am absolutely thrilled with my present and at last I have a dog that doesn't make me sneeze and itch. As you can see she has two puppies. Now they need names. What to call a sausage dog and her two babies!! Thank you Rosemary, I love it.

To prove that I actually did do a bit of sewing today I made a pincushion. I had a few squares left over from an old project and thought this was the ideal use. The instructions for the pincushion came from Janet at Quiltsalott. Thankyou Janet it was really easy to do and looks good. I also did a few Klosjes blocks. I don't feel guilty now that I know I can stitch them in the week and just show them on Saturday. Grand total now 23.

Happy Stitching



  1. The quilt looks fantastic and I love your puppies! Sounds like you have been very busy with your Klosjes!

  2. Happy birthday to the girls! What a fun cake! love it!
    I like your puppy and her pupps: The name 'Whisteria" came to mind: sounds like 'wurst' but lovely and feminine... One of the pups could be 'Blossom' :)
    Ok getting carried away! :)
    Lovely pincushion and I can't wait to see you Klosjes!

  3. Oh Shirley that is such a great girlfriend idea! That would be Wednesday for me too as it's bridge day.
    Very cute puppy to have when you are alergic. It's nice to see projects well photographed, and I like yours.

  4. What a lot of fun. Love the cake at least your dogs wouldn't keep the neighbours awake barking.