Thursday, 21 January 2010

Evie's Quilt

I have finished Evie's quilt. It is very pretty and I wish I could keep it. It is not on my list of things to do for January. I may follow the posting from Kviltstina's blog in the future and add at the end of a shorter list - " anything else that takes my fancy". Why didn't I think of that?

The backing fabric is a toile de jouy nursery print. Can you identify the nursery rhymes?

The quilt label is from a book of iron on patterns. I go over the printed lines with pigma marking pens and then colour in. Have you noticed my new career promotion?

Tuesday saw the return to normal as we managed to get back to sewing with Apple County Quilters. It was a happy atmosphere as we were all like children being allowed out to play. They are lovely ladies and do such beautiful work. Hopefully over the months I will be able to show you some of it.

Love Shirl.x

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  1. Cute quilt I am making a baby quilt at the moment. Love the label I will put you in my memory bank as a quilt fairy now LOL.