Tuesday, 10 January 2017


In the New Year I promised to set some goals. In previous years I have used words and sayings to help keep me on track but failed miserably. Like most Resolutions. This year I just plan to be more determined.

Last years blogging efforts were really dire so hopefully there is still someone out there interested and not given up on me.

Here goes....
A few months ago at my Wednesday Sewing Group I rescued a small pack of roughly cut hexagons from a bin liner full of scraps and challenged myself to do something with them. Not my usual colours but they looked so inviting.
They were trimmed to size and I just so happened to have a pack of 7/8" paper pieces from Lina Patchwork.

I played around with quite a few settings and came up with this.

Once all the hexagons were stitched it was time to audition background fabrics and it seemed right to only use what I could find in the stash.

I eventually settled on the dark blue as it made all the colours appear brighter.

Also in my stash was a bundle of Worn and Washed plaids and it fitted in with the recycling ethos that this top was becoming. Strips were added around the borders and it is now a nice size for a small person to snuggle under.

Now all I need to do is quilt as desired.

Happy new year if you have got this far. It would be lovely to hear from you.



  1. I love it Shirley. Well done. I love the feeling of making something lovely from whats at hand.

  2. I love the story behind this little quilt, how it all came to be. You have done a super job.

  3. Love it Shirley, and happy New Year my dear. XXX

  4. what a clever arrangement for the hexies and great using of found treasures. Well done.
    Love the dark blue background really makes the hexies pop.

  5. Lovely, You took pieces that someone else didn't know what to do with and created a super quilt.

  6. That is fabulous! Really like it and I'm sure the little person will love snuggling under it.

  7. Oh Shirley I'm glad to read you again on your blog ! Your quilt is simply stunning !!
    Happy new year to you and all your family !

  8. YAY -- you're back! I'm surprised not to see PINK LOL. But, what a fun little quilt -- I love how you added the borders to make it useable!

  9. Fabulous to see your post Shirley :-) I love what you have done with these scraps, the dark blue was a perfect choice! Happy New Year!!

  10. It's always great to hear from you so please keep the posts coming. Love your hexagon quilt and well done on "recycling" the fabrics. xx

  11. And you have done another post too...I am terrible at keeping me updated! I really love this one!

  12. Amazing what you can find in the scrap bin. :) at guild last week I found a little pattern for rose buds ... perfect for the center of a rose quilt I want to make for a young friend (11years old).