Friday, 29 April 2016

Sutton Grange - A finish

Just where has the time disappeared to?

In the missing time I have been busy and have chalked up a momentous finish.

Two years in the making. On/off, but every little bit helps. I saw a saying the other day that said the quilt never worked on never gets finished. So true. 

So, here it is.

Sutton Grange by the fabulous Di Ford Hall.

It looks a little washed out on the above photo. Excuse the yellow pins holding it up on a makeshift design wall. It is quite a size to get into one shot.

It needed something in the centre to bring it all together and the other day inspiration finally hit. I had a bag of pentagons made up from another Di project and so tried one in the centre. Thought it would work but they were not quite the right shades. Scrabbling through the fabrics I found a scrap with just enough to fussy cut out another set of small pentagons ( 5/8" ) and a scrap of the outer fabric for the centre. It worked well and I am pleased. I drew in the tendrils with a pigma pen.

I just hope the quilting does not take two years.

On a different subject. As my role of ribbon cutter extraordinaire I performed my duty at our new sewing venue. My friend Kate moved house and has had a lovely large shed built in the garden as her sewing studio. It is spacious and in a lovely position overlooking the pretty garden and I know we are going to have many happy hours of sewing fun there. Well done Kate on all your hard work getting it ready. We celebrated with buck's fizz and lunch.

Happy stitching.



  1. I remember when you started Sutton Grange. Wow, what a beautiful quilt it became, many congratulations Shirley! And in my books two years isn't that long at all ;)!

  2. Congratulations on this beautiful quilt top Shirley,
    looks at your fussy cutting, it is so amazing. Wonderful sewing, you are so talented.

  3. Congratulations, it's a beautiful finish, and nice to add your own little design feature at the end. That looks like a great sewing space.

  4. Well done Shirley. It is beautiful! What a fantastic space your friend has there x

  5. A great achievement Shirley and such pretty fabric choices - congratulations! Lovely that you found the perfect centre too :)
    I can imagine a lot of sewing happening in your new venue!

  6. Congratulations Shirley for your wonderful finish.... I love the fabrics and the colors you used !
    That's a pretty place for sewing !

  7. Oh, well done Shirley!! It is simply beautiful!! I am sure you will make a lovely job of the quilting too - and who cares how long it really takes anyway? :-) It is the end result that counts and that you enjoyed the journey! x

  8. Your quilt is beautiful and the center is exquisite. Isn't it like magic how the pattern becomes so intricate with just a little fussy cutting. Kate's new studio looks like it will be a fantastic place to hang out and sew, like a playhouse for quilter's

  9. Fantastic pattern, delicate colours and a lot of wonderful work, BRAVO Shirley <3

  10. BEAUTIFUL Shirley! Congratulations on a wonderful finish. And how fun to have a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new studio. I feel like I should clean up my sewing room and then have a ceremony -- maybe it would help me keep it cleaned out LOL!

  11. Truly a momentous finish. It is beautiful Shirley and congratulations. I hope you use it and enjoy it's beauty. Lucky you are a very experienced ribbon cutter - a lot of responsibility in that job. Looks like a fabulous sewing space.

  12. Magnificent finish...well done and also well done cutting the ribbon...that is one beautiful place! Btw..spam above my comment... Remove it!!