Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hello everyone. Just to alert you that if you have a dodgy looking email from me please DO NOT OPEN it. I have not sent it. I apologise for this. Trying to sort it out.



  1. I just spotted it -- the subject line was DOCUMENT!!! and I did not open it. That's not the subject line from a quilter.
    Hopefully no damage to your computer or anyone connected to your account. Why do these stupid virus people think this is funny? or productive? or something to be proud of? Computer smart people would be better served doing something for the good.
    BTW, Happy New Year, Shirley.

  2. It came to me too but I didn't open it. I had the same yesterday from another blog email so it may be doing the rounds! do let us know if you find out more...

  3. It came here too, I'm very aware of these emails, I didn't open it either.
    Julia ♥

  4. I was just going to alert you. Luckily mine came with a big warning not to open as apparently it looked like an email where they try to steal your data.

  5. Also, did you change your password? I would!