Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Before Christmas my daughter Sarah asked me to make curtains for her bedroom windows. There are two windows. Thankfully small but, they proved to be a little tricky in the making. The fabric is a lovely Cath Kidston print. Because the windows are small and in a recess they have a bespoke iron rod with a curly end to them meaning that ordinary curtain headings would not work. They had to be bagged out and hidden tabs added and the tabs had to be deep enough to fit over those curly end brackets. I am not a curtain expert and did what I thought would work. They look lovely and I am glad they are done and out of the way. I am also waiting for the call of "Mum, can you make the next pair?" .  Ask me if they were on my list! No, they were not. Silly me. Could have had a few finishes here.

Also, not on the list was a little bit of crochet in the form of a dolly blanket for Maisie. This ball of yarn was winking at me on top of my knitting basket and I thought it was perfect for this quick project. It is actually sock yarn and a double knit and I made a mistake buying it thinking it was 4 ply. It made up very quickly. Good practice. It is stretched out and pinned to my carpet. Looks much better for it. Makes for a jolly expensive dolly cover but I was never going to make up a pair of socks with it.

My friend Janet knitted Maisie a beautiful sweater when she was born and she is just growing into it in time for the cold weather.

Time to think about what is on that list and tackle something. Desperate for a finish ( not counting the two items not on it) I chose to do the binding on this quilt. It has been staring at me for so long and I hate doing bindings. At least now it is done and crossed off. Just needs a label. Daisy may get her quilt very soon. It is so cosy with that flannel sheet backing.

On Saturday we had a little run out to Dunster for lunch. It felt too cold to be wandering around and we did not hang around for a walk in the Castle grounds.

These three handsome chaps were the recipients of a bit of Christmas stitching. Olly my Son in Law, his brother and his Dad. Surname Young. Scottish connection. Clan Young tartan. Ties and waistcoats. The ties nearly drove me mad but the waistcoat was sheer pleasure to make. One day they may have an occasion to wear them. They look pleased. 

For Sarah there was enough fabric left over to make a lined wrap and in my stash was the perfect Liberty fabric given to me many years ago by a friend. So you see, I may not be posting very often but I am being kept busy.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your patience and understanding during the recent email blip. I sincerely hope you were not affected or infected.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Lovely work Shirley. My Scottish roots are very impressed with your tartans.

  2. The curtains sound tricky but they look great. At least you're doing some sewing even if it's not on your list. Love the tartan ties.

  3. crafting is crafting even if it is a 'pusher iner' in the queue,
    great work with the tartans and Maisie's crochet blanket.
    I hope you get to your list of crafting projects

  4. The curtains are so lovely !!
    And what can I say about the tartan ? So cuuute !! You're just an artist !!

  5. A lot of lovely work, Shirley XXX

  6. You have certainly been very busy with lots of lovely fiddly projects so give yourself a big pat on the back. Take care

  7. I'm so impressed by your sewing ! The three fellows in their tartan look truly impressed too - how clever!

  8. You sure have been busy Shirley.
    Maisie is growing so fast. The Tartan sewing is very impressive, the three men look very happy with them.....and curtains in the mix....beautiful!
    Julia ♥

  9. Oh, look at that dear wee girl, she's growing fast. I think I should make a list and see how often I get 13's interrupting me, lol. Well done on the curtains and the tartan items.

  10. Dear Shirley,
    my gosh you have been busy with a lot of beautiful projects. I can see the curtains were tricky, great job on them and the men look very handsom. Maisie's sweather is so gorgeous, even you may not have made it, she looks so cute in it. She will love her little doll blanket you made for her. Great finishes,

  11. Very impressed with your domestic sewing! And love the dolly blanket and jumper. Maisie is a lucky girl.

  12. Lovely Shirley, you have made many members of your family very happy. Love the colours of the wool in Maisie's dolly blanket. Maisie looks so pretty and grown up in that beautiful jumper.

  13. You may not have been working from your list but you have certainly been busy. Love the curtains