Sunday, 9 March 2014

March Madness

I am not sure what happened to February. It seemed to vanish in a whirl and all my good intentions of posting more content disappeared into thin air and the February List best not mentioned too much.

March has arrived with lots of promise. A pile of scraps from cutting out hexagons were sat near the sewing machine so I decided to just randomly stitch them together. I love making "new" fabric from these bits and some of them really are tiny. Once tidied up I now have a 4.5"square to be saved for a later date. I know a lot of my fellow stitchers at my sewing groups think I never use a machine but I do, honestly!

Lots more hexagons stitched in readiness for Anna Levens. Love my pincushion made by my friend Marie and lucky me got it in the secret santa at my sewing group. Not so secret but lovely just the same.

 Chateau Hexagon - Block 3

Seeing it up close here I can see  a tiny bit that I have missed. I am enjoying stitching these now that I have made the effort. There is a lot of work for such small blocks but well worth it. Very therapeutic.

In anticipation of the next Quiltmania magazine coming out I thought it time to get moving with the mystery quilt by Di Ford. This is my progress so far. Next stage is broderie perse flowers for those stems. Fabric has been tea dyed and ready and waiting. There is an excellent tutorial for this project on youtube if you type in Quiltmania and Di Ford which shows you all the stages. Brilliant idea. All made it so much easier. I saw a sneaky peak on facebook of the next stage so I had better get stitching if I want to keep up.

Spring is springing and I picked a bunch of daffs from the garden. Even all the wind and rain cannot stop nature doing what it is meant to do, inspite of it's worst attempts.

The promise of some sunshine saw us scuttling off to Sidmouth for the afternoon. Just look at that beautiful blue sky. We sat out in the garden of The Clock Tower with a cup of tea just enjoying being content with the welcome warmth.

On the beach volunteers were busy cleaning up after the storms, lots of driftwood and debris where chunks had been eaten out of the surroundings. The beach huts had lost most of their facades, the steps to the cafe had disappeared and the hand rail onto the beach had been covered with tons of pebbles. Walking along the beach we came across this tent like structure made from driftwood.

Everywhere has been so busy this weekend. I guess everyone was going cabin crazy being stuck indoors or just plain sick of the relentless downpours that some sunshine was not to be missed. Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend too.

Happy Stitching



  1. Beautiful work, I love the little birdie on the Di Ford block. Also lovin' your frugal use of fabric with those scraps, waste not want not!

  2. you have been working on lovely projects. Love your hexagons you have arranged them so beautifully for their shot.
    Your mystery block looks great, I love the fabrics you have chosen for the centre.

  3. I enjoyed looking at all your projects today along with the signs of spring. Thanks for the info about Di Ford's You tube video. I'm doing the quilt as well.

  4. I agree with your heart of hexies with your lovely pincushion. The mystery quilt block looks lovely. Thanks for the little tour. I love the driftwood/pebbles photo!!

  5. Good to see progress on your gorgeous projects and still have some time for playing with scraps. Glad the weather has improved and you can take us out with you on your lovely little outings .

  6. I can't wait to see your Di Ford mystery...I hesitate to start it too...again a beautiful project you will show us.

  7. Glad you got out and enjoyed some sunshine! Lovely sewing - lots of variety, and don't worry about your list...what list?

  8. Such lovely pieces Shirley. The hexagons look great arranged like that.

    Glad that you had such a good day out, definitely not to be missed and I love the driftwood sculpture - wonderful photo op.

    I hope that Somerset is starting to dry out a little and that the folk who were flooded are getting some sense of normality back.

  9. You have some great projects happening and I will look forward to their progress in time. Now all I have to do is try to get myself back into action. Take care.

  10. Lovely DI FORD block!
    The hexagons in Summer colours look great.
    I look forward to see your progress.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. My February must have gone somewhere with yours. Your stacks of hexagons are lovely. I haven't given in to the Di Ford quilt (yet), so I'll enjoy yours--should be a lovely quilt. Curious to see what comes next. I covet your daffodils--we do have a few crocus blooming here, so maybe soon....

  12. Sew you have been busy! ;-) asn't it been glorious to be able to drive out without planning too much.

  13. Love seeing your part of the world. Our days are turning cold as yours are turning warm.

  14. Wow - that square is 4.5"?? It must have about 100 pieces in it?! Your pin cushion and hexagons are beautiful - anna levens sure is going to be pretty :-) Your vase block is looking gorgeous (so far). I just got my Quiltmania with the Di Ford mystery in it this week and am tempted by it... I'm not so sure about the broderie perse (and my ability with it) though so may see how it develops with you girls that are well and truly ahead... I hope the lovely spring weather is still with you :-)

  15. Hello Shirley, I just discovered your blog through Margaret in Spain. You do lovely stitching and I really enjoyed seeing your blooms. The drift wood tent was pretty neat. If your ice and snow would go away I could search for the right piece of drift wood to hang my newest piece of art.. Happy Spring to you all. Hugs Judy

  16. Lots of lovely are doing good...:0)
    What Will you make with all your "new" fabric...Louise is also sewing scraps together..and some she has turned into quilts...but I think most of it waits on shelves...;0))

  17. I love 'making fabric' from scraps too - every block a gem in and of itself. Great to be able to use up those little bits, isn't it?

  18. Hi Shirley, your pictures are awesome. I'm always trying to improve my photography with limited success though! I just love your hexie heart and the little stitchery. I've really gotten sucked into Dear Jane this time; it's like I've gone down the rabbit hole lol.

    That must have been quite a storm! The driftwood sculpture is cool - some of the volunteer beach cleaners must have been pretty creative.

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  19. Wonderful progress. I love your Chateau and your hexagons.
    Greetings Grit