Monday, 17 February 2014

Sailor Girl.

Woohoo!  Miss Maisie finally has her new sweater. I hate sewing up knitting but was fairly pleased that this went together well. The pattern is Sirdar no. 6021 and named Sailing Sweater. It is knitted in baby cashmere merino silk dk. Extravagant for a baby but it feels beautiful, soft and warm. I changed the pattern a little bit as the sleeves and cuffs are meant to roll up but I like something more firm. Would love a big girl version, lipstick pink.

Little miss has had her first taste of baby rusk. Listening to her approving noises made us all laugh.  No problem feeding this baby. Here she is modelling her new sweater. Poor little lovie is teething so don't be fooled by that sweet face because she will bite your face off if she gets close enough.

Sewing progress. Piles of hexagons in readiness for filling in around the Anna Levens quilt. 

This star block has been paper pieced and is my contribution to our group raffle quilt. This year we are supporting Alzheimer's UK. 

My husband bought me a huge bunch of tulips and the colours are beautiful and are a welcome pop of colour against the greyness of our continuing awful weather. I know many of you have seen it on the news worldwide and it has been as bad as it looks. Thankfully where I live we have not been affected but it is very sad for those who have. It seems Mother Nature is getting her wires crossed with the weather or she is very cross with us. 

Stay safe wherever you are and whatever your weather is doing, retreat indoors and stitch, watch the winter Olympics. Worth it for the glimpses of quilts everywhere.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Super cute! (still waiting here, she's v late now) . Love the block too.

  2. Oh she looks so cute in her sweater and am laughing at the state of her face.
    Your making good progress with those Hexis and thank you for making your charity quilt for Alzheimer's a charity dear to both of us. Super flowers too. Lucky girl.

  3. Gosh Shirley, what a pretty post, from beginning to end! I envy anyone who knits & finishes--particularly in time for the pretty recipient to fit in the sweater! (I have a sweater for my once two year old daughter half finished somewhere). Love the sailor style and it sounds so scrumptiously soft. Your hexagons are really looking pretty too! Congratulations on finishing your raffle block--it's very lovely. And the tulips are beautiful--what a nice husband you have. Nothing is more cheery than pretty pinks on a drab day. I may have to periodically look at your pretty post just to brighten the day! (and I'll be watching to see YOU wearing a lipstick pink sailor sweater soon, right?) ;)

  4. Ahhhh.... I don't think Maisie is that bad....biting your face off...:0) she looks to cute for that! Lovely sewing Shirley...and those tulips...Ahhh beautiful!

  5. Dear Maisie,

    You may be teething - and I'm sending you a big sympathetic hug for that - but, my goodness, you are a very Lucky girl having such a delicious PINK sweater! Please tell your grand-mother that she is very talented indeed.

    ps I love the flowers too :-)

  6. Love that little sweater and it's cute contents.... Maisie is a little sweetie. Love your hexies and Alzheimer's block. Glad to hear that the floods are staying away from your door. I think about you every time I watch the weather forecast. Hugs.....
    p.s. I didn't know babies were so dangerous!!

  7. Beautiful jumper - well done with your modifications! What a cute face with those big, big eyes - she's a darling. Wonderful pile of hexagons - keep up the good work. Do hope the weather settles down - it has been so sad to see reports in the News.

  8. Love the little sweater, so cute, as is little Maisie.
    Great block for Alzheimer's, good on you for supporting that cause, I'm on the committee for our local one here.
    I thought of you when I saw Cornwall copped lots of bad weather.....stay safe.
    Julia ♥

  9. Oh what a beautiful little sweater for a gorgeous baby. Glad she is a good feeder, nothing worst than a baby who is fussy and doesn't want to try new things. Your tulips are gorgeous too and I agree, mother nature sure has a bit of a problem (or is it us?). You have too much water, while Australia has a bad drought and even we in Singapore haven't had a proper rain in ages. In Switzerland people complain that they didn't have a proper winter and in the US they don't know what to do with all the snow. Crazy, isn't it?

  10. Maisie is the cutest little cherub. Her new jumper is lovely especially the sailor collar! We had a lot of rain over the weekend and it's still pretty overcast - so much for summer. Drought and 40+ temperatures just over the mountain - ridiculous. Those tulips are beautiful and so are your hexies and star.

  11. Adorable ! A lot of kisses to Maisie and you .

  12. Those tulips are gorgeous but they pale into insignificance next to that cute Maise. Really lovely jumper.

  13. Gorgeous all round Shirley!! I love Maisie's new jersey and the cute photo of your darling grandbaby modelling it :-) As always your other projects are lovely as well - I am enjoying watching Anna Leven grow. Thoughtful hubby with the Tulips! Interesting to hear about your weather - I wasn't sure if you were being affected or not.

  14. What a lovely little sweater. I can see how you might want one for yourself. Love that paper pieced block and your tulips are just gorgeous. Glad to hear that you are staying relatively unaffected - Mother Nature's response to what we are doing to our planet I feel.

  15. very pretty sweater. I think little Maisie is saying 'what are you talking about grandma?'
    she looks very sweet.
    glad you are safe from the flooding. I agree mother nature is a bit off track..

  16. Little Maisie is looking very gorgeous, especially with her beautiful new jumper. I am sure that you are misrepresenting her when you say she will bite. Lots of interesting things always happening over your way. Lovely tulips, lucky you.

  17. Previous! Sweater and baby both! Best bouquet of tulips I've ever seen.

  18. What a nice sweater you knit, a great colour too!
    The bouquet tulips are beautiful!
    Love the face of Maise, so cute!

    Have a nice week, Evelyne