Monday, 29 April 2013

2nd Attempt

Last week we went on a little holiday to our home place of Cheddleton in the Staffordshire Moorlands. We stayed in a lovely little bungalow with this great view of the rolling hills of the Churnet Valley that were my husband's childhood stomping ground. The only downside was not having a wifi signal.

The weather was trying to be kind to us and we had a little walk down to the steam railway. No coat I might add. The railway was closed for the day as it had a private function and the lucky guests were having a trip with some fine dining, silver service no less and it looked rather nice. If you so wished you could even get married on said train.

Opposite the railway is The Boat pub. It once made an appearance in Coronation Street when several of the male variety went off on a little canal and fishing jaunt. Below it the canal is having some maintenance work and new footpaths are being laid.

The River Churnet.

On the Sunday we went for Sunday lunch and on a sample menu it said Sun Baked Cheddleton Pork. Perhaps this is what they meant. Basking in the sunshine at the farm opposite the railway.

As you know I never leave home without some sewing and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get the centre of the Hertfordshire quilt stitched. I really tried but the first attempt was such rubbish that I almost gave up and binned it. Common sense prevailed and once back home I unpicked the the outer circle and the middle. The actual points were ok. Spray starch became my best friend and it stopped it from stretching. I also re cut new outer borders and in a different direction to how I had it before. Careful pinning and stitching and I am now pleased that it lies flat. Now I have to think about what happens next and find suitable fabrics for the scalloped border.

On the way home I managed a quick whizz round the Uttoxeter Quilt Show and a spot of retail therapy. I literally did have one hour and a little bit so didn't take it all in properly but these came home with me. I didn't even have time to take any photo's.

I also came away with a book that is new on the market and I feel a little personal challenge coming on. More on that another time.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Good morning Shirley!

    I am so pleased you had a lovely break in your husband's childhood place; the river Churnet does not ring any bells for me but it does look lovely!

    The centre of your Hertfordshire quilt is AMAZING, Shirley!! I am quite taken with that book; I find the quilt with the tiny teacups delightful... and I am MOST keen to read about your personal challenge. Please hurry up and tell us :-)

    Happy week to you, Shirley!


  2. Looks like a lovely trip away! I did wonder if you would make it to the Shepton Mallet show but you were obviously busy elsewhere!!! Lovely block too.

  3. Oh wow, your middle block for your Hertfordshire quilt is gorgeous. It was definitely worth rescuing it. Lovely photos of your recent little trip. What beautiful surroundings and the weather was great too. Lucky you!

  4. what a lovely little holiday, love the sun baked pork. Your centre block looks perfectly gorgeous!
    those little birds are just adorable.
    your new book is very inspiring.

  5. What beautiful countryside you come from! Hertfordshire looks fantastic and I am so pleased you persevered and got it sitting flat -the hard part is over now. Love the flannels and the new book looks VERY interesting.

  6. And those pigs are too cute!

  7. Love the photo tour of the countryside - glad you had a nice break. The pigs are adorable - but bit sad to think of them on the menu :( not that I am a vegetarian.
    Your Hertfordshire centre looks perfect. I am rubbish at that kind of careful piecing so feel your pain there! Good tip about spray starch - haven't tried that.

  8. Looks like a lovely holiday.

  9. What idyllic countryside and how restful it all looked - well the pigs say it all. Your Hertfordshire centre looks superb - beautiful fabrics and perfectly stitched - and I am looking forward to watching the progress. Take care.

  10. Glad you had a lovely time. I do miss the English countryside in spring. You'll get hooked on the small quilts. I love making them and hanging them from a Table Topper frame.

  11. So beautiful in the South of England.
    Your Hertfordshire centre looks beautiful, love the centre fabric piece.
    Hmmm, that book looks interesting, I think I might need to go shopping!
    Julia ♥

  12. Sounds like a perfect holiday - beautiful place to visit, wonderful stitching and a bit of shopping.

  13. Your pictures are terrific and your Hertfordshire is gorgeous and VERY flat! ;) I'm glad you didn't pitch it in the trash; that would have been a terrible waste.

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  14. Cheddleton looks lovely and relaxing. Love the sun baked pork!
    Good to see Hertfordshire growing slowly.
    How soon will we see a new small quilt?

  15. Glad that you had a good return 'home' and that you did make it to the show, albeit for a short time.

    Nice block and the book looks interesting

  16. Thanks for sharing your little get away. Sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes it's good to get away from wifi. ; c ) I got a chuckle out of the sun baked pork. Those are some happy pigs! Your block looks fabulous - glad you got it to work out right.

  17. You lucky duck getting an hour at the show...better than I managed! LOL

    Love your much to go wrong, but you got it all right! Looks fab!

  18. LOVE those baking pigs. Lovely to see the beautiful English country side. Circles are tricky but you obviously nailed it. Your block looks wonderful.

  19. I love all your lovely holiday pictures.....and those birds in the middle of your block.......just beautiful,

  20. lovely lovey nature.. wish I could walk there with Molly... :o)
    love you centre piece.. so beautiful... and that new bought book looks just wonderful.. mini quilts are always so much fun to make!! HAve fun dear!

  21. Gorgeous glimpses of Staffordshire. Looks like you had a lovely break. Were you sunbathing with those little piggies or did you keep your cardy on! Love your new block and all those wonderful pointy points.... did you hand stitch? Impressive.

  22. Oh Shirley Shirley, you seem to forever be going on these little holidays, sighing here as I love the photos, the comments of the place you visit. Life is grand even for the little porkers basking in the sunshine of spring season.
    Being back home after my six months of travel make the saying "there's no place like home" my motto for the next six months.
    Love the work, but my goodness, I think I better learn to embroider...