Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year Promises

This new year of 2013, I have vowed to get my act together and have made a few promises to myself.  My word for this year is TRY, so, I shall TRY and do better, TRY to finish a few things and TRY to be a better blogger. No doubt I shall start a few things too but I shall TRY to finish them so that they don't languish in a dark place. I have lots of plans.
In my quest to TRY, I managed to upload my photo's onto said blog via the new toy that Santa brought me but at the minute I am not loving it very much. Like all new things I guess  you just have to keep Trying till it become's second nature.  Right this minute it is back to the old laptop.

Thank you to everyone for your comments on Olly's Christmas sweater. He loved it and wore it with pride. He is a brave chap and no Josie I didn't need to bake a cake with a file in it!!
One of the things that I have been doing is following on Pinterest. It seems to cause some angst in some circles and to pin or not to pin was the question I kept asking myself. I desisted for quite some time but gave in. If you follow me and see anything that I have pinned that you are not happy with then please tell me and I will remove it.
There are some great ideas on Pinterest and one of them was a link to a youtube tutorial for a crochet stitch called crocodile stitch.  So, I set myself the task of teaching myself how to do it. After  several attempts and that word Try, Try  and Try again, the third attempt I had cracked it. With an odd ball of wool leftover from something or other I have made a headband. It is a fantastic, textural stitch and with a variegated yarn gives some lovely effects. In making a headband and in the round the stitches had to be adapted a little but worked out just the same. I think the photo is upside down but you get the idea. If you search youtube for crocodile stitch then you will find several tutorials.

Quilting has started on the smallest of the baby quilts. I am using a perle thread and a large stitch and in a beautiful shade of lavender. I made a daisy template and have drawn them at random. For the backing I used a brushed cotton sheet that was given to me by Joan from Dotty Dolly. I washed it several times to soften it and it is perfect. The wadding is a very fine and soft cotton which I think is called Rose Dream and the whole thing is soft and cuddly. I am calling this one a practice one in readiness for the larger quilt.
You will notice a strange looking object on top of the quilt. It is a bag frame for a rather special project that I found a few weeks back. It took some tracking down and a nice lady in China sent them to me super quick. All I have to do is decipher the instructions that are in French and I shall be away.
On New Year's Day Mick and myself had a little drive to Sidmouth for some fresh air. The weather forecast was for yet more rain but turned out better than expected and it brought out  quite a few people enjoying the sea air. There were even a few brave souls surfing.
Here is wishing you all the very best for the coming year and to many happy stitching hours.
Love Shirley.


  1. Ideal word for the year Shirley! I love your crochet - very clever you, it's a gorgeous stitch. Beautiful photo of Sidmouth, too; it looks like a lovely spot to visit. I hope you have a very productive've got off to great start!

  2. Lovely crochet stitch and your baby quilt is so sweet and pretty. Loved seeing your 'day out' photo.
    Hugs xx

  3. I wish you a good luck with all your projects and that the word TRY coming true!
    I love the baby quilt.
    Maybe I missed a post,but did you already finished your Dancing Dollies?
    I picked it up mine ad this moment.
    The best wishes for you for 2013, Evelyne

  4. Hi Shirley,
    I love that crocodile stitch! A headband sounds like a terrific use of it. Be sure to model it for us when it's done. :O
    Take care,
    Susan in Texas

  5. Oh my Shirley--you've been busy! Very much enjoyed the Christmas sweater--very creative! Crocheting and quilting and a trip to the coastline--I'm envious as I've spent most of the holiday recovering from a vicious cold. (Only good thing is dropping 8 lbs without trying) You're setting such a good example, I guess I will have to "try" to actually do something! :)

  6. I'm going to join you in trying to do better too!!! And I wouldn't worry too much about Pinterest; if people don't want their pictures pined, then they can protect them against it. How can I fin you there?

  7. Best wishes to you all for the New Year. May 2013 bring lots of new ideas and projects and the enjoyment of trying them all. x

  8. I like your word for the year, I've picked mine out too, it works better than resolutions. A friend of mine made a crocodile stitch baby hat, it seems to be very popular at the moment and yours looks great.
    You will learn to love your new toy as you get more familiar with it. It's a very useful thing.
    Your little quilt looks lovely with the stitching, I must try that batting because I've heard such good things about it. Can't wait to see the bag.
    All the best for an awesome year ahead.

  9. I love your headband Shirley and can't wait to see the baby quilt quilted. I love the idea of the random daisies in the big stitches. I'm looking forward to seeing what that frame will hold.

  10. Some lovely projects there - thanks for posting:)
    Am looking forward to seeing what you do with the bag frame too - its an interesting shape isn't it?
    All the best for the New Year to you and your family
    Every Stitch

  11. Great word Shirley and I love the little quilt and the texture of the headband. Your perle thread quilting is so even. Happy New Year!

  12. I think you will love that new gadget after a while - maybe it needs a pink cover? Like you, I am using Focus (from Frances last year) to Try and see what happens. Here's to a good year for us all.

  13. Have you stopped over the holiday? Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, along with all the other completed items this year!!

  14. Great word for the year Shirley...all we can do is TRY. My word this year is Focus, focus on a new beginning for me, not dwell on things that can't be changed..
    I can't get used to my tablet either.
    Love your big stitch quilting..
    Keep busy, keep trying.
    Julia ♥

  15. Try is a good word. I used to tell my kids - just give it a try. Good luck with your new toy. I'm sure you'll catch on soon.
    I have trouble following directions when they are in english! Good for you! I look forward to seeing the bag you make.

  16. Try is a great word. I use an app called "Blogsy" it is not free but a really great app for doing posts on your ipad. I have tried others this one is best by far. You can change the size of your photos and it is really easy to use.
    As usual lots of nice projects your are working on.

  17. Love your word for the year...TRY... Easy to have in mind as it doesn't slip away..;0))
    So Santa brought you a lovely's great to blog from...I use mine...and I use Google blog it...haven't tried blogsy...but will take alook at that one...
    Love Pinterest myself....easy and addictive ...:0)

    Happy new trying year friendship...;0)))

  18. Love the jumper. What a hoot.

  19. Good word :-) I think if I chose a word it would be CALM I get far too excited for my own good.

  20. So... you intend to have a very trying year! Have you thought of lots of new things to try as well. A girl has to have some fun! Love the Crocodile stitch crochet. Great texture. The frame has me intrigued... can't wait to see what you do with it. Lovely photos of Sidmouth. Good luck with the 'trying' you've inspired me to try harder too. :o)

  21. Lovely crocodile stitch. I'm getting used to my new toy too. My word for the year is Balance with the aim of balancing home and creativity. So far the home is winning and the only balancing being done is with the iPad on my knee