Monday, 14 January 2013

From Stina

Just before Christmas Stina sent me a Christmas present and like a very good girl I waited till Christmas morning to open it. We had several emails back and forth as Stina was convinced that I would not like the gift that she was making me and that I would need sunglasses as it was bright and crazy and that I could opt out if I thought it would not be to my taste. I neither need shades nor do I think it is crazy. I think it is beautiful.It has pretty crochet circles and little messages that are personal to us both and I LOVE IT. You can read more about it on Stina's blog.


Also enclosed in the parcel was this beautiful scissor keeper and how clever of Stina to make me one that fits and compliments my best gingher scissors perfectly.  They are little felt strawberries and strawberries are my favourite fruit. I also had some delicious chocolates but sadly I opened those and Mick and I scoffed them pretty prompt and didn't take a photo.

Lizzie in Australia sent me a lovely surprise package of two patterns by one of my favourite designers - Trish Harper. I haven't forgotten that those Dancing Dollies (also by Trish) are waiting to be finished and this year they definitely will be. I love house quilts and this one is qoing to whet the apetite and noughts and crosses will use up some of that stash for sure. Trish's patterns can be ordered via Lizzie on Broderie blog.

Another Christmas gift was from Kate. A beautiful scented hyacinth planted in a mug. How clever of Kate though to make sure mine was this fabulous pink colour. Wish you could smell the scent.

At the weekend we travelled up to Leek in Staffordshire for the Christening of baby Daisy. Here we are having a bit of a cuddle and a feed.

Lovely mum and dad, Laura and Chris with Daisy cutting her fabulous cake which had little daisies all over and was most pretty. There looks to be some weaponry about but all was safe.

All events should have an amusing tale and this one made us all laugh.  The vicar took Daisy in his arms to baptise her and he very gently sprinkled her head with water from the font and at this point she had been fast asleep, out shot the dummy and landed with a splash in the font. Quick as a flash the vicar fished it out, baptised the dummy as well as Daisy and put it back in her mouth. The dummy is now known as The Holy One. Hopefully the water was clean ?!!!
Maybe before long I shall have some sewing progress to show to you. I will leave you with this comment from Emma in my Tuesday sewing group and I wished that I had thought of this. I was explaining to Emma that my word for the year was Try and that I was going to try and get more sewing done. She said that it was a good word and could be applied to all sorts of things and that if I started something and got bored with it and abandoned it then all I had to say was  "well, I was only TRYING it". That kind of logic will get me into a lot of trouble I am sure but it did make me laugh. I need to sit with Emma more often for her logical thoughts and words of wisdom.
Happy Stitching.


  1. I love the patterns, and can't wait to see what you do with them! Daisy looks lovely, and how fantastic to have a cake with daisies! I don't know about trying, I think I can be very trying at times! Love Joan x

  2. What a beautiful family! Cute story too! Love your word and the idea to apply it to lots of things! Not that it will get you in trouble, but that you will explore lots of new things! Nice gifts you received as well...such fun to have special friends! Have a great day!

  3. Lovely presents you lucky girl. That's a great photo of you with Daisy. Thanks for the amusing stories too.

  4. Daisy is just so preious...and you look lovely holding and feeding her, almost like she was your own.
    Great gifts from blogging friends, now you will really have to TRY and get some of those made. your hair!
    Julia ♥

  5. Lovely photos of your family - and I loved the baptism story! I bet you had trouble giving Daisy back - such a cutie :)
    Every Stitch

  6. Some very nice gifts and how cute is Daisy.

  7. Lovely gift, cute story & charming pictures.Kiss

  8. What great gifts......
    Like those patterns too.
    Daisy is least the vicar has a sense of humour !!
    And I TRY all the

  9. What a thoughtful gift you got got from your friend. And no, I don't think it's too bright either. And what about that hilarious story with the dummy at the baptism. What a hoot! I admire the vicar's fast thinking. He probably didn't want the risk of Daisy's protests disrupting his service ;).

  10. Beautiful presents! That's a lovely photo of you with Daisy. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Lovely little quilt from Stina, and you can say that it was just for you, a real original. Baby Daisy looks very happy and comfortable in your arms and you look right at home too. What a little blessing.

  12. Loved this post! What a fun and cheery gift from Stina. Those patterns are fabulous and I've never seen a hot pink hyacinth! All the best to Daisy and her holy dummy. They now call them binkies here in the states. I like Emma's thinking, too.

  13. We called the pacifier dummy too. The granddaughter who used on till five years old, called it her sucky. Her mother was reasured by me that she would not have it in her mouth when she married...I think TRY is a good word for all of us in blogging quilting world. I do try.

  14. Hello...calling in from the north of Sweden....happy you liked your gifts...but sure was
    Lovely photos of you and your family... And I loved the story with the dummy!!! :0)
    LOve that colour of the hyacinth ..beautiful...
    And more lovely patterns to play with... You will one busy quilter this year...;0)) especially love those houses...
    kviltstina at gmail dot com

  15. Daisy will be immune forever with that font-water! ;o)
    Somewhere I saw your question about anonymous posts. I have stopped mine in the settings on comments - (stop anonymous users - only registered ones) and haven't had one since!