Monday, 12 November 2012

Keeping Busy


For most of Lori's quiltalong I managed to keep up and even had something to show for the deadline. If you wish to see a few more then head over to Lori's blog and see how creative people have been with this fabulous project. I chose to add a pale cream border and have now quilted it and it is ready to be trimmed and the binding added. I have enjoyed every stitch of making this and can't wait to see what clever Lori comes up with next.
You may have forgotten this project. It has been on the back boiler for a while now and has been pinned to my makeshift design wall waiting for me to get my act together and make the corners for the blocks. So far the first 3 are done and a border is also going on as I go along. This is a huge quilt in the making and I may not do all of it. At least progress is being made and it is keeping me busy. In case you are wondering, my makeshift design wall is a fleecy blanket hooked over the wardrobe with skirt hangers. It is the best I can come up with but a bigger blanket would be helpful. I will let you into a secret - shhhh, there is another project pinned to the other side. Don't tell anyone.

Just so you don't think I have fallen out with hexagons these are steadily growing. I know what you are thinking. There is no pink in sight of any of them. They are a real departure from my usual pinkness. I need 39 diamond shapes and so far I have 17. A way to go yet.

Never fear though, that box is being filled and with as many plain hexies being made as the pretty ones. Believe you me it pays off to make them at the same time because when you think you have enough pretty ones then come all the plain ones and you need even more of them and it can be boring. There! I said it. Shock! They have to be done though. I love the gentle shades of these.  Great to make them whilst watching the tv. Downton has finished now, lots of tissues and ooh and ahhs and fabulous storylines.  I am gripped with Strictly Fever and cannot call yet who I think will win but my favourite so far is Lisa Riley. She is sensational. Also, Is anyone other than me glued to The Paradise on a Tuesday night watching the fabulous Sarah Lancashire as the haughty madam in charge of the shop girls of the Paradise Department Store.  It has a great cast. Hope you ladies get to see this drama sometime soon as it is so well acted and I know you will love it too.

Some knitting has also been on the go and I need to sew in some cross stitches around the hearts. Cannot show you the whole thing yet as it is a present. The pattern came from Australian Homespun, The Knitting Issue. I question why they had a knitting issue in a patchwork magazine but I loved the project so I suppose it worked.

 Atmospheric cloud formation over Stitcherydo HQ. Makes a change to be able to see the Quantock Hills, they are normally shrouded in mist.

My lovely Swindon cousin Karen was 40 on the 3rd of November and she had a party. Here you can see her cutting her fabulous cake which was a giant watch complete with diamante's. Karen has a watch fetish. It was so cold that night and during the night it actually snowed and then turned to a heavy downpour which has been the pattern for much of the year really. Not that we noticed it as we were tucked up and asleep. I did get an email from Nanci from Florida asking if we had survived the flooding as it had been on her news. Amazing what gets shown where. Apart from the river level being high we were ok.

I hope that wherever you are reading this that you are warm/cool and safe and able to stitch. It is the best therapy for anything and everything I find.
Happy Stitching.


  1. You have been busy Shirley. As usual I love it all! It was great to see some blue skies this weekend, but all back to norml today.

  2. Great post Shirley, thanks. Love your design wall construction- reminds me of mine LOL! and all the blocks are absolutely gorgeous. Love those hexagons too - looking beautiful (even the "boring" ones!) Coincidentally I was up late last night watching a lot of 3rd Downton Abbey - bought it from the UK as we haven't got it here and I couldn't wait - wonderful! Will keep an eye out for The Paradise now... The view from your house reminds me of growing up in Surrey - lovely hills, sigh.
    Every Stitch

  3. You really have been busy. Great projects on the go and finding time to spend time with family now that can't be bad.
    Lori's projects are always fun and might just have to join in the next one.

  4. Love how you quilted the borders of the quiltalong.
    The blocks on your design wall are stunning. Glad you are still working on it.
    My you are busy - hexagons, too - love the subtle hues.
    Yes, stitching calms my mind...or at least distracts it.

  5. Always so many lovely things to see in your blog. I love your hexagons - the colours are very calming. We haven't had any new Downton Abbey episodes as yet and I will definitely look out for The Paradise. Loved "Call the Midwife".

  6. Hi Shirley :-) Yes, I've been able to squeeze some stitching in too - so good!! You have me drooling (again) over Lori's Mountain Trails - I can see that I really do need to do this one - I love it and love how you have done the border. As for your other projects - oh yummy!! It's nice to see some of your country side too.

  7. WOW, a lot of beautiful work !Love how you finish the Mountain Trail quilt.Kiss

  8. I love a log cabin quilt and yours is beautiful and your blocks are amazing. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of all those hexies.
    I am hanging out for series 3 of Downton.
    Lovely post.

  9. Some wonderful work Shirley and you have certainly been beavering away and doesn't it feel good to have a "finish". I also love the projects that are more about the "journey" and the destination will come all too soon. Thanks for the tip about The Paradise and I will keep an eye out for when it eventually makes it to this part of the world. We have ordered our DVD of Downton series 3 for when it is released here. Take care.

  10. Love the blocks on your design wall but someone has to ask... what's on the other side? ;o) Love the borders and quilting on your mini quilt and the hexies too. I tend to make all the boring stuff first and leave the yummy bits to last. Used to do that with Fish & Chips when I was a kid... tried to eat all the chips before the fish but then was too full to eat the fish!! I never learned. :o))
    Love the photo... the autumn scenery is gorgeous.

  11. Good grief woman, do you ever sleep? Productivity in spades if you ask me - it all looks great as usual. Love what's on your special design wall, looks like it might be worth doing the whole thing even if it is huge.... and how are those hexies managing to multiply so fast?

  12. You are very busy!Big projects i love your quilt.
    Great block on your design wall.

    Lovely weekend, Evelyne

  13. Love the quilting in the border of your Mountain Trail.....
    I love your Camalot blocks too.

  14. I thought...oh no, no more hexies when I stared at the photos....oh there they are! Love the blog today, long and informative as usual. The cake with the clock is amazing! Very cute. The design wall must be heavy with all the works!

  15. Love how the Camelot is progressing.
    Those hexes are my colours, mmm,.
    Have had a good day in the garden, sunshine and bonfire,47 machines and counting lol.
    See you Wednesdayxx

  16. Lovely pics you do have a lot going on ....what more have you hidden under all those beautiful blocks...;0))))
    Have fun!!!!:0)

  17. You certainly have been productive and such eye candy too. Good to see Camelot getting another airing.