Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Prize Winner.

The last few posts have been about our annual Apple County Quilters trip to Launceston to see the exhibitions and this post is a direct result of those exhibitions. I mentioned the work of the very talented Sandy Chandler of The Quilting Company and her exquisite machine quilting and how she should be winning prizes.

I had an email last Wednesday from Maggi (another talented bloggy friend) who informed me that she had been helping set up at Festival of Quilts and she had just hung a quilt as a group entry by Cowslip Quilters. Amazing in itsself as I wouldn't have known about it. Due to the time allocated at the show I had very little time to properly look at the quilts but the first quilt I stopped at, I looked at it and thought it very nice, beautifully pieced, soft colours and the machine quilting was to die for. As I looked closer, I thought hmm, I wonder. Out came my show guide and number 534 said Cowslip Quilters. There! Just knew it!

The above photo is one that Sandy herself sent to me and with her permission I can show it to you. Team Cowslip won a very respectable Bronze - Third Prize. Sandy is shown with her prize certificate on behalf of Cowslip who consist of Sandy, Jo and Jan Whitehouse.

The close up photo is one I took so that you can see the wonderful feather quilting shown to great advantage by the use of Jo's own organic wool wadding made from her own sheep. Sandy tells me it is wonderful to work on as it gives a high loft and a trapunto effect. The quilt was made for Jo's niece who lives in Norway and is titled Scandinavian Journey. I think we can safely say that we shall be hearing much more about the skills of this fabulous quilter. Well done Team Cowslip for a fabulous quilt. Remember you heard it from me first.

Happy Stitching.


EDIT : Please note the comment from Maggi that she didn't hang the quilt as I thought but she did tell me about it  so credit where credit is due.. I also had the chance to finally meet with Maggi on Thursday albeit a very brief  pleasure.


  1. This was a stunning quilt and I really like the fact that the wadding came from her own sheep. A well deserved award. You are right that she is going to be someone we hear a lot more about. I can't take credit for hanging it though. I said I had seen it in the show guide which I pr-ordered. I was with SAQA for set up!

  2. Amazing! I really wonder how she made the wadding with her sheep's wool. I'm also wondering if she quilted it on her machine or on a long arm quilting machine?

  3. Just beautiful......quilting to die for.

  4. What a beautiful quilt - colours, design and quilting. I love the thought of the wadding, too. The niece in Norway is very lucky.

  5. Somebody came into the shop today and was talking about this quilt. It looks lovely.

  6. Team Cowslip should be proud - a truely wonderful beautiful quilt - Jo is an inspiration to everyone who visits Cowslip, and Sandy's quilting is exquisite. It all happens in Launceston!

  7. The quilt is so lovely in the photo and much more beautiful in real life I am sure.