Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Change in Colour

This week I have been stitching something in colours  that are a little different for me. Baby boy colours.

I am trying something out and it involves using some of these lovely ribbons. All will be revealed shortly. It is handpieced and I am handquilting this block. It is around 16 inches square and is not intended to be a cushion although if it doesn't go according to plan  a cushion may be a good fall back. It is going to a friend and a baby. The baby won't mind the stitching quality but the friend knows how to do it right.

This week I have also been indulging in a spot of beading. I had a pack of mixed beads and thought that something extremely simple would do them justice. The beads were strung just as they went onto the needle, no dithering over what should be placed where and a couple of evenings and the odd 5 minutes here and there saw it finished. I have worn it and I am pleased with it although, daughter no1 hasn't seen it yet and I know it will end up around her neck.

Close up so you can see that it really is very simple. So that you know pink is still my favourite.

This was the view from Stitcherydo HQ one night last week. The sunset was so beautiful. The weather had been hot and sunny and as it should be for an English summer but sadly it was short lived, no wonder we are like the mad dogs out in the midday sun. Blink and you miss it.

Back to stitching and watching the Olympics. May the best teams win. Who could not have been wowed with the opening ceremony. The event was outstanding and the highlights for me were James Bond escorting The Queen to the games as the ultimate Bond Girl. What an exciting time in her Jubilee year. The thought of Mr Bean and his dreams of  winning a gold medal and playing in the orchestra - so funny. What a fantastic concept of the torch being handed over by Sir Steve Redgrave to the next generation of Olympians and the lighting of that truly amazing beacon. I cried at such beauty. Now  I need to take up beach volleyball so that I too can have a fantastic body like the competing ladies, only in my wildest dreams will that happen.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Cute necklace! I'm wondering what else you are working on; can't wait for the big reveal ;). And yes, I also enjoyed the opening ceremony, although here it was on at 5 in the morning.

  2. I like those colors. I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. The necklace is so pretty, I love it.

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying the olympics too and because of the time difference I am not getting a lot of sleep. Just watched Princess Anne put the silver medal around her daughter's neck - how fantastic. The opening ceremony was amazing and I agree the Queen was a wonderful sport and what a hoot the whole idea was. Lovely necklace.

  4. Dear Shirley, your necklace is so very, very pretty! Prettier even thank your sunset. Hurray for the Olympics opening ceremony. I am (quietly) proud to be (half) British!

    I wish you a very peaceful, creative day.


  5. Can't wait for your block reveal with all those pretty ribbons. Your bead work is so pretty Shirley!
    We watching the beach volley ball here at the moment...Tim a little too closely! lol!

  6. Loving the necklace. I am in Cardiff at present, so the Olympics are having to play second fiddle to baking and Dora the Explorer!
    However, I have asked to watch the first rowing final and have grudgingly been told I can. Love Joan x

  7. Love the necklace. When I was at uni I used to love beading. I would go with some girlfriends to a bead shop and we would gossip and giggle and thread pretty, shiny things onto wire. It was so relaxing!

    Thanks for the sunset shot. I love a pink sky. And your little quilt is gorgeous - I love blue, it's my favourite colour!

  8. Oh, you clever girl! I just hide all my beads and doo-dads and supplies under a bed and forget about them. You made a lovely necklace, and if your daughter wants it, that's the highest compliment, isn't it?

    I must tell you that your list of blogs is always the most interesting group that I find on any of the blogs I visit. The ladies you follow are always doing interesting, varied things, and the photos and titles send me blog hopping way too much. Some are familiar to me, but I always find some special places to go visit when I start from here. Thanks for sending me their way (after I find inspiration from your words and pictures first, of course).

  9. Your necklace is very pretty, light and perfect for the warmer weather. Glad to see that you haven't abandoned your pinks.

  10. Dreams should be wild! Love the beading and the baby boy blue block. Don't forget to share when you are done.

  11. Lovely necklace it is a lovely feeling when you finish something and know our daughters will love it also.