Monday, 3 October 2011

Daisy chains

My hexagons have been sadly neglected of late and they have been patiently waiting their turn to come out of the dark place again. It is time to get a move on and start assembling them in some order and so now we have the first row of daisies. I am calling them daisies because that it what they remind me of. I sat in the garden in the sunshine and stitched away. Still a lot more plain colours to sew.

Camelot - Block 16.

The last block is finished. All I have to do now is add the little cornerstones and then they can be assembled. This is a big quilt and there is still a lot of cutting out to do in readiness for the borders. Lots of half square triangles. Inspiration took a long time to hit me with this one but it found me eventually and I am pleased with it.

Here in the UK, or at least, most of the UK, we have been basking in glorious unseasonal weather. The temperature has hit the late 70's/80's and so we headed off to our favourite destination - St. Ives. We arrived at Tregenna Castle Hotel just in time to see the end of the rugby match and see England through to the next round of the World Cup. Tregenna for me is the place to view St.Ives, from it's elevated postion it looks right across to the far side of the harbour and it never fails to make me sigh and feel that sense of wellbeing. The light here is just so special and no wonder artists the world over come here to paint it. We walked all the way down and that is no mean feat but, oh dear! the walk back up.....

A little visit to GJBeads to stock up on things that I had no idea that I needed.

After lunch we headed for the beach and laid out the towels, kicked off our shoes and just relaxed, ah! bliss.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Wow! Shirley the last camalot block.
    Can't wait to see it finished.
    Oh, and to see those costumes in real life.
    Double Wow!

  2. I need to add a little note here - Michelle was on the ball with this message and I have changed the post since so there is now no reference to costumes. A little treat for later in the week. Shirley.x

  3. The Camelot block is beautiful and the daisy chain is just a delight. Autumn is my favourite season in England and I would much rather be there than here at the moment particularly in St Ives. Glad you had a great weekend and can't wait to see Camelot all together. Take care.

  4. Love your latest (and last) Camelot block. I'm really tempted to start it as well. Did you piece it all by hand? Did you have to make lots of different templates? Just wondering?
    I can't believe you are having still such warm weather in the UK. Just saw on BBC that yesterday was the warmest day in October ever.

  5. Very happy to see you enjoying yourselves . You Camelot block is fab. I can't believe this weather hope this is going to set us up for the winter

  6. oh shirley, number 16 is very gorgeous, it has not taken you all that long to do all the circles and when they are all together it will look wonderful. enjoy the days and the sand between your toes !

  7. Last Camelot block! Congratulations. Love your little daisy chains, they would be perfect for the great spring weather that we are having.
    Ah St Ives, I have fond memories of that lovely place and my first cream tea.

  8. We're having warm weather here too, but I didn't get the urge to bring out my hexagons. I probably should have. They've been a bit forgotten, but they're blah as well -- not pretty daisies like yours.
    Your last Camelot block is one of my favorites. And now -- the fun of putting them together. Can't wait to see that.

  9. I think you have the warm weather that we're supposed to have, lol. I like your daisies, must get my hexes out again. Your Camelot block looks fantastic, what excellent piecing.

  10. Gorgeous hexie flowers make me think of primroses! And Spring! You do need to make progress on this one it is supercute Shirley! Lovely Camelot block - how about a group photo!?

  11. Love the daisy chain and can't wait to see the Camelot blocks together. Glad you made the most of what appears to have been the end of Summer.

  12. Shirley.... I soooo love your daisies....:O))))
    It will be a wonderful quilt... cant wait to see some more of it.. GOOD LUCK with the rest..:O)
    Lots of eyecandy at your blog.. thanks for showing all the wonderful quilts.. and your cute yoyo flowers...:o)