Tuesday, 20 September 2011

UFO's and other sightings

I am glad that you all enjoyed the exhibition at Come2Quilt. Here are a few extras.

Now, I did warn you that my quilts would be of the unfinished variety and I jokingly said that I would just stack my boxes in a corner.....

I am not owning up to how many boxes I have but let me say that this is a selection. The basket on the top is Kate's. The project hanging out of the box is mine. Hope you aren't counting.

I had Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder all weekend and she goes by the real name of Debby from Dotty Dolly. I kept hearing my name and she kept telling everyone that she was going to hang it up in the shop. I have a deadline to finish this now. Thank you Debby. I am not quite sure yet what for. I left it for ages before I took the plunge to machine quilt it and then part way through I just decided I didn't like it and wished I hadn't started but now after seeing it again I will attempt to get it done for the deadline.

I started this quilt in 2002. It is a pattern that was published in McCalls Quilting magazine and is by Robert Callahan. I love the colours of this quilt and again I got fed up with the quilting and it has remained unfinished. Wendy also loves this quilt and I have left instructions that should anything happen to me then this is her quilt. Just in case I should be worried about banana skins left in my path and unseen objects on stairs I have left a codicil that she may have to finish it herself. That should ensure my safety!!! There is a little album block on this quilt and I decided to make it into the label. All the details are on there including the date 2002 - 2003. It was the early days and I was optimistic about finishing. When I finally do finish it I will add a postcript to the back saying "THE END".

The Kaleidoscope Quilt is still waiting for inspiration for the border. The eureka moment hasn't happened yet.

The other quilt belonged to my mum. When my mum died last year we decided to drape the quilt over her coffin as she loved it so much. At the end of the day the Funeral Director handed the quilt back to me but before he did my sister and I had a laugh to ourselves as we heard him berating one of his staff for being covered in fluff and not knowing where it had come from. Mum would have had a laugh at that one too.

Gifts From The Sea by Verna Mosquera. I loved every minute of making this quilt. It was such good fun. It is all sanwiched together ready for quilting one day. I may have to get my act together and just quilt,quilt,quilt or I send them off to be finished. At least then they will be done. Wendy and I made this one together but unlike me Wendy finished hers. Maybe I should be very worried about my safety!

Even Kate's car had a makeover for the weekend and was used to fetch and carry people from the parking in the field to be delivered up the bumpy drive. These good ladies are from Apple County Quilters.

In the last post I told you about honorary member Pip climbing into one of the displays.... She is looking at David (Kate's husband) as if to say "well what else is it for?". We are like a secret sisterhood from an Enid Blyton story with Pippi the dog as the seventh member.

Well, I am off to quilt,quilt,quilt. Ces't La Vie.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Yes do that and finish some of these gorgeous quilts for goodness sakes! Does the kaleidoscope one need a border I like it just as it is! Come on stop reading and get quilting (Heeheee) - my turn!

  2. Lovely show and tell.
    All those gorgeous quilts to finish Shirley...too beautiful to leave boxed up..get cracking!...

  3. All are beautiful , Shirley ! I really love the fist one in pink and the Album Quilt from Mc Call's quilting :I made the same in country colours when I started quilting in 1996 ! XO

  4. Love your Album Quilt...I got as far as the house block and then it got sewn into a different quilt!

    That NYB quilt is stunning too! The pinks are fantastic!

  5. Beautiful quilts Shirley and remember it is all about the journey and not the destination at least that is my opinion. I am sure that time will produce lots of finishes but enjoy the process. Take care.

  6. All lovely Shirley but I luuurrrvve the New York Beauty quilt. Is that the one already claimed? Lol

    If only you live nearer, you could come and play on Ariadne the long arm and finish one or two. :-)

  7. yay, my long lost friend has shown its face again. I'm also still looking out for the elusive fabric. One day we'll find it! Promise ;).

  8. Finished or not they are all lovely.

  9. You have done very beautiful work and it deserves to be finished. There is no hurry just enjoy every stitch. The Robert Callahan is spectacular, demanding immediate attention.

  10. You have some great projects on the go, love the pink! Pip is not just a pretty face, must be like a bed in that basket.

  11. Such lovely quilts just longing to be finished. The car is a masterpiece!

  12. Your UFOs are prettier than mine, that's for sure. I suppose most of us are so tired of our own that anybody else's look just wonderful, but yours are in a class so far above the quality of mine. Any of them you finish will be treasures.
    I also started that Robert Callahan quilt, oh my--so many years ago, but I made only 2 or 3 blocks and then gave up. Back in those days, if I didn't like my progress, I threw away the blocks in the garbage. I'm embarrassed to think I did that. Someone would have appreciated them. The fabrics I'd chosen were so booooring! Yours look great.
    Love that car. No mistaking the one heading to the quilt show!