Friday, 15 April 2011

Camelot teaser

A little teaser for block 3 of Camelot.I am loving every minute spent on making this quilt. Let me tell you though that I think the hardest part is choosing fabrics and it took me most of the afternoon to put together and search for colour combinations. I may yet take out the centre circle and redo it as it is not my best work but I am pleased with the colours. I have prepped the templates now for 6 blocks so that I can get going.

Having decided on my colour scheme I had to do a bit more shopping and a little stop at Dotty Dollies and online at A rummage in a huge bag of scraps from Pat that is supposed to be destined for the doggie pillows unearthed a few little pieces of treasure. No matter how large the stash there never seems to be the right colours. This was supposed to be an exercise in using what I had. I am digging deep though and finding all sorts of things in my stash that I had forgotten about.

My friend Janet has made the most beautiful quilt for her friend. As it is a gift and not yet given I will just show you one of the blocks. The whole thing just moved me to tears it was so lovely. Janet has such a good eye for detail and wouldn't you agree that the basket fabric is just perfect.

The stash of hexagon diamonds/lozenges has grown now to 79. This week I bought a bolt of cream fabric so now I can start making a zillion hexagons to start setting them in. Still have quite a few more diamonds and lozenges to make though. I hope this will be my contribution to our quilt exhibition next year which will be on the theme of "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". We did think of the Olympics as it will be 2012 but it is also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and thought it much more appropriate. The jelly roll hexies are on hold at present till I find the right shade for the background. Having bought fabric for them and deciding against it I want to go back to my original plan. Have plans for the ones I have already prepped though. My mind is working overtime on ideas.

Happy stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. So glad that you are enjoying the Camelot quilt. It is going to look really beautiful. As long as you use your stash as much as you can, purchases of a few extra pieces can be forgiven. And keep looking for those little scraps that people throw away.
    That little picnic basket is very inviting and those strawberries look delicious.
    I am sure that you could do those hexies in your sleep.

  2. it is great fun searching for just that right bit of fabric! so glad you are enjoying making your circles!

  3. Nice teaser. Why is this that however large our stash it never seems to provide exactly what we want? That is a lovely block with the picnic basket.

  4. Love the Camelot block and I am sure the hexie diamond quilt will be stunning hanging in your show - nothing like a deadline to get a project finished! You are right about the fact that it doesn't matter how big your stash is there is often not the right colour there - I guess that is why my stash keeps getting bigger. Take care

  5. The centre of the camelot block looks great to me Shirley, if you try and do it again you`ll probably regret it! I`m looking forward to seeing the rest of the blocks. I am loving the hexagons, and I`m beginning to think I might just start one - you have inspired me. Joan

  6. Shirly, your Camelot quilt is going to be superb!! I know the feeling of taking so long to decide on my colours and colour combinations. The Basket block of your friend's is definitely beautiful work. From experience, let me tell you it is great to start joining the hexies and watching the pile of removed papers grow!! Have fun!!

  7. Love your block for the Camelot quilt! I also think that the centre is perfect (don't over think it ;). Isn't it fun to go through your own stash? I'm always amazed what I find when I do it, although normally my sewing room looks like it's been hit by a bomb afterwards.