Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I fear that my blog title sometimes doesn't live up to it's name. Not a lot of stitchery has been achieved of late other than a handful of hexagons and I really do mean a handful. I do however, have a few things to show today. Hurrah!

My love of beads equals my fabric stash but thank goodness it is on a much smaller scale or there would be no room for me to live here. This is my latest offering, a gorgeous bracelet using cubes, seed beads and drops. It was a quickie and I love the colours, plus it was very simple.

Valentine Hearts now has its borders and is ready to be layered and quilted.

My sister chose this yarn for her socks. I was surprised as I wouldn't have chosen it for her and would have chosen it for myself so there may be a bit of sisterly rivalry going on here as to whether she gets them or not. The yarn is Wendy - Happy Feet and it is my favourite to use. It knits up well, washes well and, more to the point, feels good on your feet.

Because of the lack of sewing I thought I would show you an oldie. This little crazy patchwork heart was made in a workshop with Anne Baxter many moons ago and it is one of my favourite things. I beaded the edge and also added a few beady bits that were lying around after practising.

Finally, my cactus plant has been in a sorry state. I repotted it last year and it suddenly bushed out. It hadn't flowered for a long time but this is a bit spooky but co-incidence I know. My sister in law gave me a lovely poem and photo of my mum and I put it next to the plant. My mum loved gardening and do you know ever since the photo has been there it has produced a flower a week. As one dies off the next one comes out. I talk to mum and the plant every day and tell her well done for making the flowers come out.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. Love you bracelet! You must have very good eyes to be able to handle these tiny seed beads. And I love how your yarn makes a pattern while knitting!

  2. Wow, lots of eye candy this week. Well, you do eye candy every post, but you really outdid yourself this time! : )

    ~ Ronda

  3. Love your braclet...I have some cube beads that I didn't know what to do with...Hmm, this is agreat idea.
    Love the CQ heart, been ages since I did any CQ..
    Julia ♥

  4. Love the necacle a.shirl, i wouldnt expect mum to choose them colours either - the colours are lovely. Meg x

  5. Love the little crazy patchwork heart. Cool bit about your mum and the plant.

  6. Hi Shirley, I do like those socks. As we move into autumn I am starting to think of ways to keep warmer in winter. I have seen many socks on blogs but these are the prettiest that I have seen. Your red and white hearts look great. Each little cactus flower is a gift to you, so enjoy.

  7. Pretty...;0)
    Love How your Valentine hearts became... Fresh and pretty...:0)
    Wish I could knit pretty socks like that ... Love the yarn used too...:0)

  8. What a lovely bracelet, and hearts and socks - all just so gorgeous. Good to know that your mum is keeping an eye on you and your plants.

  9. Hi Shirley, you have been busy, I love the hearts quilt and the small purple heart, good to see your knitting too, looking forward to seeing the finished article. Claire

  10. Love ALL of it. I think that the plant is blooming a little at a time, just like you, and your mum probably watching over you, to make sure you are ok.
    Look forward to seeing your goodies tomorrow, me, I am

  11. Your beading is amazing. Your little purple heart is lovely no wonder you love it.