Thursday, 10 March 2011

1-2-3 .....100, Not Out

A few posts back I showed you a photo of a manhole cover in the shape of a hexagon and asked what else was out there in this shape. Valentina from Valentina's Corner sent me a photo of a loaf of bread and I came across this one again literally under my feet. Have you guessed by now what it is? It is the step machine at the gym complete with rubber hexagon mat and the 1-2-3 brings me nicely to the next photo.

I have reached the 100th jelly roll flower and that means 20 left to stitch. Incidentally that also means there are 120 hexies left in the box. I think I have reached a decision on the background fabric and the more I look at it the more I like it.

I thought I would try and show you how I am assembling these flowers as I think this is the quickest way and I have a whole lot more to get through before I am done.

I start with the centre hexagon (green) and then join the first outer hexagon to the green and then I stitch the others to the last one stitched - so only the first hexagon is stitched to the green at this stage. You will see from the photo that when they are all joined it looks like orange peel.

Now you are going to join them to the centre green hexagon. Tiny oversewing, taking the needle just through a few threads and not through the paper.

Stitch the next free side to the green side.

And the next.

Nearly there.

Last one. Fold the flower in half and join the last seam together.

One completed flower. Easy when you know how. Cannot do them any other way now. Try and see how easy it is and it is neat too.

Yesterday I could have cried with sheer delight. If you want to see this chair properly then you will have to go and stay at Kate's Quilting Retreat. Kate made the clamshell pad and revamped this old chair into something so gorgeous. Wendy and I wondered if she would miss it and we would have had to fight it out as to who would get it. It is going to live in one of her bedrooms. Sadly not mine or Wendy's.

Wendy is making this quilt for her daughter Laura. Lucky Laura. It is so pretty. Such loveliness going on yesterday.

Happy stitching

Love Shirley.x


  1. Sewing the hexagons together that way makes so much more sense than how I've done it. Thanks! The colors in your post have me so ready for spring!

  2. hi Shirley, I will give this a try on my next hexie-flower. I thought after 80 flowers that my way was fairly quick but am keen to give this a try!! Lovely photos from your retreat day. I enjoyed the story about the cactus in your last post; I hope it is still blooming.

  3. Great hexie's- Just shows how far a Jelly roll goes. I would be whipping that chair away as well.

    Sue x

  4. Great tutorial...It has been years since I've sewn hexagons...I ought to have another go.

  5. Oh my goodness! How ingenious you are Shirley...I've never seen or put together a hexie flower like that before, but I will now. Makes perfect sense. I love your background fabric too.
    The wall hanging Wendy is making is beautiful and it makes me long for Spring.
    Well I cannot even talk about the cute clam shell seat on the chair, but it's amazing!

  6. I love that chair cover - it is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for the tip with the hexagon flowers, I'm going to give it a go next time I dust off my Grandmothers flower garden quilt.

  7. Great tut Shirley...I love sewing hexagons and I am itching to do some more..
    Love that chair cover..what a great idea!
    Hmm, I'm looking at clam shells in a new light..
    Have a nice weekend..
    Julia ♥

  8. it seems it is a hexagon world out there at the moment, the shape popping up everywhere. and i too love the chair using the clamshells.

  9. I've never sewn my hexagon together in that order but will definitely give it a try. Do your continue the thread when you first put the petals together or do you make a knot after each of them? I love the quilt your friend Wendy is working on and how cute is that chair! If it would be mine, nobody would be allowed to sit on it ;).
    Vreni x

  10. You are right it is a hexagon world out there everywhere you look. Your hexie flowers are looking good and what a great tutorial you have done. This is a great way to construct the flowers and it is very travel friendly. I don't think I would ever let anyone sit on that cute clamshell covered chair! Take care.

  11. Thanks for the hexie tutorial. That's easy enough to remember. 8) What a gorgeous use of clamshells. I WANT that chair!

    Happy stitching,
    Susan in Texas

  12. I love the charming springy colour in your post. Thanks for sharing your tuto on hexies, will try it one day....

  13. Shirley...
    So love your Hexie Flowers.. I am sooo tempted to start.. that I REALLY think I have to.. if you read me..:O)) So thanks for your advice..seams very logical to me.. but I know you probably have tested it out sewing all those 100 pretties!!! Well done!! And the CHAIR.. its heavenly.. so pretty!! :o) And that girl will be happy for that wonderful quilt she is making!! Thanks for showing!! :o)

  14. Thanks for the hexie sewing instructions. I tend to complicate things for myself and will definitely try your way next time.
    That chair is gorgeous, what a great idea to cheer up a tired piece of furniture.
    I hope that the first picture means that you are still going to the gym on a regular basis?

  15. Step machines must be world wide it looks the same as the one at my gym. I like your chosen background fabric.

  16. I've been sewing my hexagons together, either 3 or 6 in a row, and then attaching them as you are. Working with groups is my preference too. Glad to read your tutorial. I thought I was doing it wrong, as I bent the petals in half to sew the hexie sides together.
    I love your crisp, fresh hexie colors.

    That clamshell chair seat is VERY unique. Love it!

  17. I like that way of joining to make the flowers, it seems to make good sense. If that fabric in the photo is going to be the background it is gorgeous. I can understand why you wanted the chair - so beautiful. You really have brought Spring to us with this post.

  18. OK Our Kid, this is the way I shall be showing the next batch of handstitchers to construct hexie rosettes - what a great wheeze! And your growing stack looks as lovely as ever.

  19. Aw Shirley, each time I visit, a few more hexies are done. I should think that by the time you finish them you will be putting the hex on ever doing any more although you certainly write as if you love every minute of this work. A great tute too!