Wednesday, 12 January 2011

When Friends Meet...

Today was the first meeting of our Wednesday Quilt Group and a new venue. This was my gift to Kate for her new sewing studio and retreat. It sums up how we feel in this group. I hope all of Kate's guests leave with the same warm feeling.

In my career as Ribbon Cutter Extraordinaire it was my great pleasure to perform the honours in the grand opening at and as you can see it was decked out in suitable pink ribbon. Do check it out. I will even come and visit and make you a cup of tea.

I declare this venue well and truly open - now can we have that champagne? I can appear at a venue near you now that I am fully fledged in ribbon cutting. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I am showing you both sides of me.

How many quilters does it take to operate a camera?

We had a great day and I can assure anyone thinking of booking a place at Kate's Retreat you will have a truly lovely relaxing time. It is also a very comfortable and pretty home and I am proud of what Kate and David have achieved with all their hard work.

Whilst we sat there enjoying our champagne a pheasant wandered into the garden and throughout the day we sat and watched a wide variety of birds on the lawn and feeders.

Just inside the hallway is this little beauty. Those hexagons are about 3/4" and with the little splash of pink it looked so pretty. What can I say? I well and truly love those hexagons.

Kate gave me a present for doing the honours. This duck is a savings duck. Can you see the £ signs in the duck's eyes. I save my £2 coins for when we go to Malvern in May and now I have somewhere to put them. Following on from the Potteries Dialect lessons this came with a label saying "ay up duck". One of the conversations we had was how much we should put in the pot for stitching at Kate's. I suggested that she buy another duck instead of a pot and we should call it - "pay up duck"!!!!

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. Looks like you all had a fabulous day. Your ribbon cutting skills are so elegant. Hopefully I may get to sew with you at Kate's one day - who knows?

  2. A lovely post Shirley - looks like you had a fun day---love the pic of the camera ladies!! LOL! Isn't the hexie-hanging lovely with it's splash of pink?!!

  3. I love that picture of all the quilters trying to take a picture! LOL You look so glam with your ribbon cutting skills..and coordinated with your pink scarf matching the ribbon!

    BTW the web address seems to be a address ( .com doesn't work...

  4. Thank you Jane. My error. Have ammended it.

  5. What a great day you must have all had and the tone was definitely set by the stunning ribbon cutter - I could think of worse careers!! I loved the wall hanging you made and I am sure it was truly appreciated. I had a real laugh at the photo of the photographer plus helpers - a sight we have all seen at some stage. Take care!

  6. What a fun post and such a lovely ribbon cutter... :0)
    Sweet little wall hanging that you made. Of course the hexies are just so cute.
    I chuckled out loud at the camera
    What a fun place to stitch!

  7. Oh my goodness - we may have created a ribbon cutting queen!!!

  8. I may have to become a real Diva. LOL.

  9. Didn't we have a loverly day!!!
    See what happens when I'm in charge of your camera. I thought you made a bonny picture in the pink!
    The picture of Rosemary, Kate, Margaret and Pat turned out really well, I've laughed my socks off at that. Good caption by the way.
    Have got some good photos hope to blog tonight.

  10. Great post Shirley!!! You are definately the professional when it comes to ribbon cutting as it looks as though you are getting plenty of gigs! Love the photo of the girls trying to work out the camera Ha Ha ha!

  11. A true celebrity and from both sides me duck! Love the hanging and of course it wouldn't be one of your posts without hexagons. x

  12. You do it well .....ribbon cutting. I am still laughing at photo # 4.