Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year's List

I thought I would publish the New Year's List. No, not the one where they dish out medals for great achievements. This one is more the kind to help me get myself back on track and try and achieve something in the way of sewing. I certainly wouldn't be given a medal for services to patchwork and quilting as I fail miserably sometimes on that score. I wonder if they give them out for making hexagons!!!! I am sure that The Queen and I would have a nice little chat on how they are made.

Here goes...

1. Beaded Thimble necklace
2. Pink hexagons - continue
3. Diamond Hexagons- continue
4. Mini Quilt - When Friends Meet
5. Civil War Blocks 1-4
6. Rachel's sweater - continue
7. Charlotte's socks
8. Cross Stitch next word of Romance
9. A Dozen Klosjes
10. Harriet Tubman - Block 1
11. Hearts and Flowers - carry on with centre medallion
12. 2 Beach Bird blocks
13. Anything Else!!!!

That I think is called a Quilters Dozen and item 13 gets me into so much trouble because I get to that number before I do the others.

Well, I have made the first block of the new Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilt. I decided to hand piece. Why? I ask myself. It literally has taken me all day to finish it. Took it to sewing this afternoon and realised when I got home that I had sewn the middle pinwheels on the wrong way round. The first set of fabrics took some persuading that I liked them and I decided that I didn't. Just changing the medium shade fabric made it work better so I shall stick with the fabrics I have. They were a bundle I bought quite some time ago, saving them obviously for that special occasion.

I have to show you this new mug I had for Christmas off Sarah. It is by a company called Moorland Pottery. I was born and bred in Stoke on Trent where the worlds best crockery was made. I say was made, as not very much of it is made there these days. This present both pleased and amused me. It is called Stokie Ware and has a duck on it. We are famed in Stoke for saying "ay up duck" - meaning a greeting - hello. One that we all use is " up Anley Duck" - meaning - Hanley, the Town Centre, all roads lead up to it and Duck is added to everything. Aitches are dropped and added where they aren't supposed to be for example Arold, with is orse and is harrow in is and. It is quite an amusing dialect and from time to time I will give you a little insight to the Potteries Dialect. Barbara Chainey is a posh pot whereas I am more your seconds pot. Barbara and I hail from the same area and have had a few laughs over our heritage. One thing we have is a good sense of humour.

Yep, I definitely qualify for this one - a Stokie born and bred. What was so amazing is that it was bought here in Somerset nearly 200 miles away.

Thank you to everyone for your concern over Mick's fall on his back. He is quite mobile now and while not pain free yet it is improving daily. He is a big, tall bloke so I suppose he had a long way to fall and that ice was solid.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. Good morning Shirley, you have started the New Year in a very organised way. Don't make the list too long otherwise it will become too daunting and you may not get anything done!
    I love the new block and made mine last night. I am machine piecing - I am still plodding along with the FWS which is my hand piecing project. I am also planning a mug bag for my new mug that I got for Christmas from one of the quilting girls. It will be decorated with hexagons in various shades of blue. I think that your gorgeous little duck mug needs a mug bag or at the very least a mug rug (Sorry to suggest additions to your list). Looks like you are in for a busy year.

  2. An excellent idea, your list! I think I will make one too ;). Especially one that is broken into smaller "bite size pieces". Not so daunting. Let's see if it helps. Hugs Vreni x

  3. I can just imagine you having a conversation with the Queen with the greeting "ay up duck".
    Your fabrics you have chosen for block 1 look good- Are you going to hand piece the whole 52?

  4. How fascinating to hear about the dialect, it's quite foreign to me, lol. I do love the mug, it's a great shape. Good luck with the list and getting yourself organised. I love #13 cause I would go straight to the bottom of the list. I've been watching the civil war blocks pop up here and there, your one looks beautifully pieced.

  5. Love this post and all about the language. I wouldn't dare write down my current project list but I often run through it in my mind when trying to sleep - it beats counting sheep. My attitude is that everything gets finished "eventually" but sometimes it needs a deadline to help it along!! Take care!

  6. But it's such a short list!! (not) I do exactly the same thing, make the list, often rigidly prioritised, and then wander off and start right in on something totally different. Somehow making the list makes you feel as if you've already dealt with a couple of items ... Looking forward to the Complete Guide Ter Torking Stoke!

  7. I've really enjoyed your post...especially about the Stokie mug..that would go down a treat in this house. :o)

  8. Elyte guided me to you and I will enjoy watching your BB civil war quilt progress!

  9. LOVE the mug! My cupboard bulges with mugs bought that I just love and can't resist. S-i-L would too! Project list,yes well..! Like other posts sometimes the list doesn't get adhered to and too scary to contemplate writing down. We had our 1st sewing day back yesterday. But all gave up in the heat/humidity, it's been phenomenal here. Most of us are trying to quilt to COMPLETE quilts as we have our outdoor hanging of the quilts show next month and not much to show for a years stitching!!
    Gillian x

  10. Love the dialect lesson. I had forgotten how much I used to enjoy being called "duck' all the time. The mug is great, and as for the list - my house is full of them, usually unfinished because I get distracted by something else.