Thursday, 2 December 2010

The White Stuff

Parts of the UK are knee deep in snow but here in Taunton this was what it threw at us overnight. Just a scattering. Looks like someone has sprinkled icing sugar but boy is it cold out there. More is forecast and set to stay cold and we have only just begun winter. Looks like it could be a long one.

I am still busy with those hexagons. The diamond/lozenge stack has now grown to 42 and I love making them. I came up with a very interesting setting for these diamonds but I am keeping it to myself for a while as I have another idea to make the most of it. I could be prepping hexagons for eternity.

Almost at the end of prepping the hexagons cut from a jelly roll. I make that 720 hexagons. I have decided to make each rosette/flower using different fabrics. With the addition of the pretty green fabric purchased at Dotty Dolly's the other day I think it works a treat. They remind me of those little daisylike flowers that grow in abundance in the walls of the Cornish countryside. I am sure someone will tell me what they are called.

This little bird sleeping on my chair flew in from my friend Kate and was made by her daughter Charlie who has a shop on Etsy called Pipkyn. Isn't it lovely? It looks so at home. Thank you Kate, I love it.

Yesterday we had our Wednedsay meeting at the garden centre and had a christmas lunch and exchanged our gifts to each other. Fortified by a glass of wine and lots of food we didn't want to move from our seats. As you can see there are some lovely gifts there and I love them all. I love my friends too, they are a great group of ladies and such good fun.

The little blue suede purse came from Kate and she called it a hexagon purse. Inside it was a travel kit of paper hexagons, fabric, thread, needles and a pair of scissors. What a great idea. All ready to go. Just need somewhere to go!!(preferably somewhere that is warm and not full of snow).

Kate has her website up and running now for her new business venture
Should you wish to come and have a sewing holiday then Kate will make you very welcome and you will have a great time. I might even come and say hello too.

I hope that wherever you are reading this you are keeping warm/cool/dry. Our silly celebrities are doing revolting things deep in the Australian Rainforest and the hosts of the show Ant and Dec came out with this wise crack - Australia have had so much rain recently that they were renaming the country - Britain!!! I can't begin to think why they need to put themselves through such horrible things just to save a flagging career. Take up quilting Guys. It is much more fun and no one will make you eat various body parts of kangaroo.

Happy Stitching.

Love Shirley.x


  1. Lovely post Shirley.
    I know those hexes are good enough to eat. Thanks for a lovely day yesterday.
    You are one talented lady.
    Wendy xxx

  2. Lovely hexagons and what great gifts from your friends. The little bird is so cute. May you keep to a sprinkling, from one who is knee deep and it is still coming down as I type.

  3. I enjoyed this post so much Shirley..
    what lovely gifts you the hexies..
    We saw all the snow on the TV news..amazing how much had fallen ..
    Stay safe and take care,
    Julia ♥

  4. Your hexies are very beautiful, love the diamonds... really tempting !

  5. I love your newsy posts, all that's missing is a cuppa with you. We are having the wettest time here, very out of character. My poor nephew in Britain is hypothermic, not used to the cold at all.
    I love your hexes and can't wait for when you do the reveal on the setting, at least you know what you're wanting now.

  6. I seem to have the same amount of snow as you. Can't believe that it has passed me by as I am in one of the highest villages in the Cotswolds.
    Glad you are getting back to a bit of blogging. It's so nice to see you back here. Hexes are looking good and that also looks like great pressie's - Just what you needed.

  7. Our news broadcasts showed the cold snap in Britain. I am glad we left before that weather arrived! You could always bring your blue suede purse down here on a break!
    Lucky you with all those little gifts, so nice to share amongst friends.
    I love your little bird, he looks very much at home with you.

  8. Good to know that pink and hexies are going strong! Quilting doesn't cure everything but there are times when it's a great help - and generous friends are the absolute best.

  9. I think I would give almost anything to have a bit of snow and cold! Christmas in summer just doesn't feel right at all. Love your hexies. What happened to the other ones? Keep warm and I hope you can enjoy the festive season. Hugs Vreni x

  10. I am so impressed with your organisation all those prepped hexies. I am so disorganised it is frightening. Hope the winter isn't too bad we had a hot day here yesterday and the English test team nearly melted. Lucas spent all day Friday at the test.

  11. Oh Shirley, they are looking so fresh and lovely! Great job!!!
    And wow, to have friends like that! :) Thanks for sharing that pic as now I will need to find something else to surprise you with...
    BIG HUG!!!

  12. love the birdy on your chair a.shirl! You got lots of snow to i see...glad it's cleared up now i can wear my new boots :-) xx