Thursday, 9 December 2010


I am both sorry and glad to report that I am still gripped with making hexagons. I have titled it Hexamania because that is somehow what it feels like. Why is it that at 7.30pm you feel so tired that you feel as though you want to nod off in the chair and at bedtime the light bulb has switched on and you are wide awake? There is nothing for it but to carry on making these darn things. I now have plans though.

This is what a whole jelly roll of hexagons looks like. I am beginning to wonder if I am a little OCD ish. I am naturally a messy person but like order in my sewing. As you can see I have made a good start on the centres. The rosettes are going to be pieced randomly and as of yet I haven't decided on the background. The jelly roll makes 120 flowers and I think I may need 121 so will have to add a few extras.

I have been playing with settings and found this web site that offers free downloads for graph paper -

It prints a page full of tiny hexagons - 5 to the inch and is a great way to play with designing. I love to colour in with watercolour pencils. I have given you a tiny glimpse of what is going to be a big project for hexagons and one which will be for Christmas in the future. I am busy gathering reds. I cannot decide which setting to use for the present project but I am leaning more to the design in the bottom left corner. Maybe finding the background fabric will be the decider.

Hexagon Diamonds - total 42.

A few weeks ago I found this beautiful bedding whilst out shopping with Sarah. I couldn't get it out of my head so went and ordered it online. It is destined for the spare room and a new colour scheme of this pinky red. Very French looking. It is a project slightly on hold until the girls decide what they are doing with their funiture etc. but is something to plan for after Christmas.

The Big Freeze continues although it is mildly warmer - freezing instead of below freezing. This is the smoke tree in my garden. On the way to sewing Tuesday afternoon the landscape had been transformed into a winter wonderland and guess who had left her camera at home? In some areas of the Country the pavemants are so icy that you are unable to stand up on them. My Brother In Law had to drive the kids down to the school bus stop 300 yards away. Shame!!! Nice try kids.

Will try and post something other than hexagons next time just incase you are a little fed up of them.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.x


  1. You have my total admiration for your hexie organization. Thanks for sharing your ideas and work. Just wonderful.

  2. I just can't imagine making that many hexagons, and so organised! Please don't stop showing them. Love the bedding.

  3. Hello Hexamania women- It could be worse- sex, drugs and rock an roll. You have been busy and its really great to see what a whole jelly roll of hexagons looks like.
    Totally approve of the new bedding- you know me a Toile.

  4. I don't think that you should ever apologise for talking about hexagons. A very popular topic that everyone seems to enjoy. Even I have jumped on the bank wagon. Stay tuned..... I am sure that I saw similar bed linen in Brussels and Paris. Lovely choice.

  5. I'm wondering where you found those sheets? I'm loving them.

  6. I won't tire of reading of your hexies either, Ms. Hexamania. Isn't it just a fantastic feeling, even when we're tired and worn out, knowing that we can pick up our little boxes of supplies and be quilting in a minute or so?

    Working with hexagons used to be at the bottom of my list of quilting projects--I saw no reason to mess with something so small and such a tedious process. But I learned that's not the point. I now find it calming and satisfying, totally portable, easy to pick up to fill in a few spare minutes. Sewing hexagons has definitely worked its way up my list of "what I want to do next."

    Love the toile!

  7. Hi Shirley, don't apologise for your hexie-mania; it's a great way to be! Thanks for the link to the graph paper - I'm going to have a play hexie are slowly growing but I have so many things I am trying to do...!! Love that bedding fabric - I can see why you were smitten. We are in the throes of an early drought so seeing all your snow is quite amazing!!

  8. Great post Shirley! I love all the hexies you have made and can totally relate to being wide awake once your head hits the frustrating! I think either setting will look great.

    Hope you are keeping warm and the big freeze eases off soon.

  9. Could never get tired og hexies Shirley..
    Hexies never go out of favour.
    I just received my Accquilt Hexie waiting for the Go cutter to arrive, so I'll be joining you...
    How is that, I'm the same, fall asleep in the chair , then wide awake in bed for hours..Arhh!
    have a nice day.
    Julia ♥

  10. That box of prepped hexies is enough to make anyone drool - who cares about OCD when it can look this good! and there is a lot of satisfaction in setting everything out just so, even before you get down to the actual stitching.

  11. It sounds like you need ice skates to go down the street! I'm going to look forward to seeing more hexe posts, the box of them look as good as a box of chocolates. Love and adore the bedding, I'm going to check it out.

  12. They are very orderly hexies, I wish I had a plan when I start things love your sketches. It is like winter here at the moment not quite as cold as you though.

  13. Those hexagons look sweet all lined up in the box. Nothing wrong with being inspired to create ;o)

    Hope you are keeping warm...sounds like we are going to get a bit more cold weather.

  14. you aren't alone with your hexie obsession. I am making a hexie project from a jelly roll too but haven't made as many as you yet. I find it very relaxing too.
    They look fantastic all lined up in the box.

  15. Hi Shirley, how are you going? We've seen beautiful snow pictures from s-i-l Sue in Hatch.
    Or are you as fed up with the snow as we are here with 5 solid days of RAIN! Not really what we need this week, in fact everyday since school broke up. I am making son O a cushion. I feel sort of organised for saturday but not in the food department..Gillian x