Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dotty Dolly

Dotty Dolly is a newly opened patchwork shop in the next town of Wellington in Somerset. It is owned by Debbie and Joan who both have great stitching credentials and both being trained teachers. Local stitchers will know them for their lovely hand dyed threads and fabrics which they used to sell at local shows and craft fairs.

When we went to Cowslip a few weeks back Debbie came with us and I jokingly said that If I could come and cut the ribbon I would give them some free publicity. Word came back to me that there was some ribbon waiting to be cut. Today I fulfilled that obligation and let me tell you that I could get used to this celebrity lifestyle and I am available for other such functions. Sorry to have missed you today Joan if you are reading this.

The shop is painted plain white and is light, bright and airy. Lots of pretty fabrics to entice you with more coming in soon. I was pleased to see Mettler threads on display as they are my favourites for quilting with Gutermann coming in shortly. It has only been opened less than a week and so is just getting off the ground. One thing is guaranteed, Debbie and Joan have great flair and have great plans for both beginners and the more experienced stitchers. I am excited about this venture and can see that I shall be a frequent stalker, sorry, visitor!! If you are in the vicinity then you will get a lovely warm welcome. Parking is good and if you are coming this way for a holiday then come off the M5 at junction 26 and follow the signs to Wellington. There are some lovely little shops to have a browse at and also a new Waitrose.

Telephone 01823 660879/www.dottydollyquilting.co.uk for more information.

Of course I couldn't leave without a few purchases.

On Saturday we went to St Ives in Cornwall. It is my favourite place. It always makes me feel just so relaxed. The light here is special and a haven for the artists that flock here to paint. It started off dreary and damp but then the sun came out and we sat on the beach later. This is looking at the harbour area.

This is Porthminster beach and is a beautiful place. We stayed once out of season and I was the only one on the beach leaving just one set of footprints on the soft white sand.

There are lots of little back streets to wander around with lots of art galleries and cafe's to savour and the views are to die for. This street sign made me smile. There was another small sign on a wall that said that the area was a alcohol free zone. I wonder if you have to sneak alcohol in through the door in a brown bag!!!?

Just in case you have got this far and wondered if there is any actual sewing progress then this is 10 blocks of the Farmer's Wife Project. It hasn't made much of a dent yet in the box of fabrics and charm pack. I was putting off making the Bird's In The Air block as the pieces were tiny and pressing them proved a bit of a tricky one. I think pressing is so important as it can make or break a piece of work.

Frankie loves to look out of the window and watch the birds in the garden. Just look how he climbs onto the frame. He looks like a feathered version of Kilroy was here.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. Wow we have a celebrity in our midst! Lucky you having such a lovely quilt shop nearby, going slightly green over here in the Channel. Gorgeous Farmer's Wives blocks Shirley :)

  2. wow Shirley...we may see you on the news yet cutting opening ribbons..
    Gorgeous FW blocks..
    Lovely photos of Cornwall..
    Julia ♥

  3. Congratulations on your new celebrity status and what an honour. The shop looks lovely and yes, we must support our local quilt shops! St Ives is on my list of places to visit, checking out fares as we speak.

  4. Does that mean Elyte is travelling to England to see you? I am so jealous, especially now that you are a celebrity! Great review of the shop and I think you are going to have very many happy visits. I love how it is all painted white, so fresh, and I love those coffee mugs too. St Ives looks truly beautiful and peaceful and of course, Frankie is very cute, looking out at the big world. Your Farmers Wife's blocks look fantastic Shirley, I love the colours you are using.

  5. Are we still allowed to speak to you now that you are famous? It looks a lovely shop and their Open sign is so cute.

  6. Oh, what a lovely post, Shirley! We will definitely need to go to Dotty's!
    :)Thanks for the pictures of st Ives, and your blocks.
    made me forget my stomach bug for a while.. Frankie made me smile!

  7. What a cute name Dotty Dolly. A new quilt shop is always exciting. St Ives looks lovely Cornwall is such a beautiful place. Frankie made me smile.

  8. A new shop, lucky you. Such a cute name to go with a cute looking shop. I love seeing the shops around. Porthminster looks like a wonderful place to visit sometime. I think your right pressing is critical, the blocks look great.

  9. Little Frank is so sweet. Your stitching is beautiful.