Saturday, 3 October 2015


In recent weeks I have been fullfilling  a long obligation for my daughter.

When she was little she announced that when she was grown up she would buy a house next door to me and I could make the curtains. How kind!

Well. She did not buy a house next door but lives a good 30 minute drive away. She did however expect me to honour the curtain making request. Thankfully all her windows are small ones and I hope they are now all covered.

In the last few months they have had a new kitchen installed and these are curtains in the Dining Room end of the kitchen. Sarah made the window seat cushion herself. The cushions are bought ones. Think it looks lovely. The blue in the cushions reflects the colour of the Rayburn oven.

These are the kitchen window curtains. The house is old and we are yet to find out its age and history but feel it must have a story to tell. Love the mismatched tie back hooks. 

This is the kitchen during its transformation and my son in law standing against the Rayburn which is around 50 years old. 

This time last year we were preparing for their wedding. How time flies.

Happy Stitching.



  1. The curtains are lovely Shirley ! No doubt about that !! And yes ! I agree with you....time flies......
    I wish you a nice week-end !!

  2. Setting up house is an exciting time for newly weds, and fun for you to be able to join in with curtain making. Maybe they need a new quilt too!

  3. How delightful that you're part of making your daughter's new house a home and her childhood wish came true.

  4. Very pretty! You could of said you did curtains.... :-D

  5. What a cute kitchen and the curtains are perfect!

  6. Beautiful curtains Shirley -- that little kitchen is darling! I love the story about the promise to make the curtains -- so cute!

  7. Good on you with the curtain sewing! They are gorgeous!

  8. Hope Sarah and Olly was pleased with them...there were a lot of hard work and love into the making of them!!!

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    1. Hi, Susan! I found your article at It's so inspiring. Thanks a lot! I thought about placing it in our local magazine, don't you mind? Hope to hear from you soon. I sent you an e-mail, but there is no reply. See you.

    2. Sure thing I don't mind, Oscar. Thank you for such kind words to me. I hope you'll like my next article too. I'm currently in Canada and cannot answer you by e-mail. I'm really sorry you dot no reply. Hope to see you soon.