Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sutton Grange Progress

It is almost twelve months since I started this quilt in a class by Di Ford Hall at Sue Watter's home. Progress has been slow but held up by a long search for a suitable fabric to use as the narrow border which frames each round. I think I found the best one and I am pleased with the progress. It still needs a little something in the centre and in the corner squares but for that I am still waiting for inspiration. The next round consists of lots of little drunkard's path blocks so it may be a long while till you see this again.

I thought of making little stars for the corners and the colour is perfect but it does not fit the square so it is back to the drawing board. I still may or may not applique butterflies. There is no rush. At least I shall have something to show Di on her return visit. Oh yes! More trouble and a brand new quilt. I am so excited.

I have also started a new baby quilt. Following on from the bubble theme. Fussy cut bubbles.

A bit of sock knitting going on and I have learnt a new skill of adding beads to knitting by using a crochet hook. This yarn is amazing and has a bit of silk in it. Most luxurious.

This week in the UK we experienced a partial eclipse. At least it was in my part of the world. The further north you went the more it blocked out the sun.  It was very cloudy and dismal here but spectacular just the same. Scared the pigeon off the roof in the eeriness that followed. I held my ipad up and pressed but looked away as I did it so I am amazed to capture anything at all. 

Happy Stitching.



  1. Your search for the perfecting border looks like it paid off. I love what you chose. It really ties in with the rest. Do you get to take another class from Di? No fair! :0)

  2. Love what you have done so far Shirley, the fabrics look great.
    Hey how come you get another class with Di....yes, not fair I've yet to meet her.
    have fun!

  3. HI Shirley, it's nice to see what you have been up to. Good idea to be patient and wait for the right ideas and fabric - Sutton Grange is going to be beautiful :-) Great start to your next bubbles piece, looks suspiciously like it may be for a certain wee girl! The sock too looks gorgeous, the yarn sounds delicious.

  4. You're always making so many lovelies!

  5. beautiful progress on your sutton grange. the colours are amazing.
    so admire your sock making and the owl look super.
    great start on a new bubble quilt!

  6. Quilty troubles are troubles easy to live have fun... Love your progress on this quilt and I know that border will be soon it's way. Looking forward to see more of your bubble quilt... :0)

  7. Dear Shirley,
    wonderful quilt project. How delicate your applique is. I would have loved the stars in the corners.

  8. Hello Shirley ! Your appliqué is so amazing and your goal to have a perfect border will be achieve, I'm sure about that ! Your top is gor-geous !! ^^
    Have a nice Monday !

  9. Your quilt is coming along beautifully and love that you've challenged yourself to go of piste with your fabric choices. Just a thought what about a little hexagon rosette in the corner. Looking forward to seeing you next month for a bit of Di Ford fun.

  10. Your appliqué is beautiful! I love that Sutton Grange piece - and can't wait to see it with the little Drunkard's Path blocks.

  11. Lovely progress on the Sutton Grange, albeit slow. Can't rush the inspiration. Love the owls in the socks.

  12. Looking good! Don't rush this bit. The corners and centre will let themselves be known to you in their own time.

  13. Love the Sutton Grange quilt. I agree with Amanda, don't be in a rush to decide about the corners and centre.

    The fussy cut bubble and socks are lovely.