Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Old and New

A little while ago a surprise parcel arrived in the post and it contained a lovely old cot quilt from Barbara Chainey. Barbara said it needed a few repairs but to do with it whatever I wished and that she acquired it some 20 years ago.

The lace around the edge had perished in places and after a fruitless search at my local antique market I thought that I might just take the lace off and add a liberty print binding. At my local craft centre I found a new product that was a pretty binding with a tiny lace edge. I thought this the perfect answer.

As I was sewing on the binding I came across this number in the corner. It is still there but now hidden under the binding, hopefully for someone else to discover in the future. I carefully snipped off the lace and have just slip stitched the binding over the already neatened quilt edge. No need to make extra work. Hope Barbara will approve.

Whilst we await the arrival of this special delivery I have been finishing things off.

Firstly, I showed this crochet blanket quite a while ago but I don't think I showed it finished. I thought I had finished it with the little scallop border but the other day decided to crochet a pink line around the border and add a flower. Now it is finished.

Rachel chose the colours for the next crochet blanket. I am pleased with the outcome.

It is quite some time since I did any dressmaking but for my birthday in July I was given a book of Mum and Baby patterns by Anna Maria Horner and decided to make the pretty top for Rachel. It went together very easily and is a clever idea. The side panels open up so that baby can be discreetly fed. It is both pretty and functional and I like that. Just need a baby. Please excuse the foot but I am not sure where the carefully edited photo disappeared.


Quilting has started on the periwinkle quilt. I googled images for periwinkle quilts and this antique version popped up and I like the way it had been quilted. Just need to get a wiggle on now.

Happy Stitching

Love Shirley.


  1. Great work on that quilt Our Kid! Now all you need is the baby!!

  2. Love how you finished the cot quilt Shirley - isn't it lovely? Great crochet and your antique-inspired hand quilting is coming along beautifully too.

  3. Oh love what you have done with he baby quilt. I wonder if the lettering was a laundry mark. Your little baby is going to be spoilt with all her grandmas talents.
    Enjoy the beginning of a new love affair with Maise x

  4. Great job on the quilt. How lovely to have it saved for the future. Beautiful crochet work too. Happy quilting on the Periwinkle quilt.

  5. The baby quilt looks really good with that binding, I don't think anything else would have matched it better. Love the crochet blankets!!!

  6. What a beautiful antique! What a special time to be able to help give it many more years of life! Love those crochet items...will be so warm and cuddly for the new little babe. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good to see you filling your waiting time so fruitfully! How special to have worked on the old cot quilt - the new edging is ideal - and I love how you finished the white crochet blanket too plus the ripple one - wow, lucky baby to be surrounded by such lovingly handmade goodies :-)

  8. The lace edged binding is a perfect choice for the antique quilt, and I envy the crochet blanket: I can knit, but can't get to grips with crochet. Very interested to see the periwinkle block - not come across that one before.

  9. Great work with the antique quilt and what a special gift. You have certainly been busy with the newer ones and that touch of pink really sets off the first crochet one. Hope all goes well. Take carel

  10. What a lovely gift you received from Barbara and now you have added your touch to the quilt.
    The crochet rugs looks great, love the added touch of pink.

  11. Great work with the antique quilt.
    Like a good Nana, you busy making baby things. Love the crochet blankets.
    Not long now...Hope all goes well.

  12. That binding is so pretty it's perfect for the quilt. The quilt itself looks so soft and cuddly. Love the crochet blankets too and Rachel's new top and.... oh heck.... I just love everything you are making. Hope the wait isn't too long...... Hugs

  13. My you have been busy. Barbara will love what you have done with the quilt, the binding is so pretty, and probably more practical than lace too.

    The pink border really sets off the blanket and that's a gorgeous top for Rachel. Seems pink runs in the family!

  14. beautiful work on the antique quilt...love that you found that number, makes you wonder doesn't it?
    love how your quilting the quilt and oh the crochet blanket is so pretty. I love that little flower :)

  15. Such a wonderful gift to receive and I love what you've been making. A beautiful, exciting time for your family.