Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's Going On

There has been a little bit of secret sewing going at Stitcherydo HQ so I cannot show you yet what it is. Here is just a little glimpse. Can you tell what it is yet?

Inspiration came from some lovely fabrics from Dotty Dolly and I have completed the first block for the Noughts and Crosses quilt by Trish Harper. If you fancy making one yourself then the pattern can be obtained from Lizzie at Broderie blog.

My mum taught me to crochet when I was a teenager and recently I have taken it up again. The skills are a bit rusty but with the help of YouTube and Pinterest it is coming along nicely. I bought a lovely crochet hook by Rico and it is a delight to use. Being a bit chunkier on the handle it fits better and doesn't make my hand so sore. The yarn is Rico Baby Essentials.

Wandering around my garden was this beautiful pheasant. I have posted before of the wildlife that wander into my garden. I live less than a mile from the town centre and this creature belongs in the countryside so I wonder where he appeared from. He strutted around for a while and then disappeared around the back of the summer house hotly followed by the tabby Tom from over the road. Hope it survived.

I hope you will listen to this YouTube clip that appeared on my Facebook page. A star is in the making and I cried. I like something to move me to tears. It is 4 minutes long but please watch it to the end. Father and daughter Jorge and Alexa Narvaez.  Dad has the most gorgeous voice.

If you enjoyed that then there are more on youtube. Some of you may already know about them but they have just come to my radar.

Happy Stitching.



  1. Morning Shirley,
    The stitching at HQ looks interesting I can't wait to see what your up too.

    I used to do lots of crotchet back in the swinging sixties and made myself several mini dresses. I wish I had photo's of them now.
    Keep your crotchet skills up together you might need a mini dress one

  2. I have no ides what your up to Shirley...looks very interesting tho.
    Don't keep us guessing too long!
    Julia ♥

  3. Um, I don't know what it is either, you have me stumped. Love that you've picked up the crochet again.
    I've seen that video before, isn't it fantabulous!

  4. I can't believe you are teasing us this way! Can't wait to see what it is you are so secretly working on. I love the Noughts and Crosses quilt and look forward to seeing your version of it. I'm quite puzzled by the "revival" of crocheting. Maybe I should pick it up again as well!

  5. I have no idea what you are doing in the first photo, you are a tease. Lovely noughts and crosses. I'm sure that the pheasant survived the cat - less likely to survive urban road, they're not the most road savvy creatures. Enjoy your crochet. I still do a bit of my coral reef from time to time, although not for a while. Lovely you tube link.

  6. What ever you are looks very pretty.
    I will just have to wait and see.....
    Your crochet looks great too.
    One block down , how many to go ?

  7. Love the fabrics you have selected for your noughts and crosses and will enjoy watching it grow. When it comes to crochet well I am a very good knitter! When we moved to Queensland I tried to teach myself to read crochet patterns as opposed to just doing treble stitch making rugs with wool left over from jumpers - some interesting results. Like everyone else I am intrigued with photo 1. Take care.

  8. No idea what you are making! Love love the Noughts and Crosses, and your fabrics are perfect. Interesting crochet hook too--maybe I'll have to get mine out and see if I can still do it (it would be nice to use up the yarn and have more room for fabric!) Enjoyed the video--the girl is a cutie! So extraordinary to find a pheasant in your yard! I get quail and ducks once in awhile, but a pheasant would be a real treat!

  9. very sweet fabrics in your secret sewing. Lovely fabrics in your nought.
    Hope the pheasant escaped that tom cat, he is a handsome visitor to your garden (the pheasant not the cat)

  10. I have no idea what you're making but I do love your fabrics and also love Trish Harper's patterns. Noughts and Crosses is looking beautiful too.

  11. Lovely post Shirley...I so want to make a quilt like your noughts and crosses....I wonder if sleep is really a necessity.

  12. Nice block from the Nought and Crosses. I bought that pattern also by Lizzie. I love that quilt. Looking forward to see the progress of yours!

    Happy stitching, Evelyne

  13. I am liking the noughts and crosses, but as I haven't got very far with the Camelot project, I think I will have to give this one a miss. I think the secret project looks like the end of a row of sleeveboards, but I am guessing that is not the case!

  14. Don't know what you're up to but I like the fabrics.
    Noughts and Crosses is new to me. Lovely pattern.
    As a teen in the 70's, I made a hideous crocheted afghan for my older sister when she got married. It was granny squares with neon colors and black. Yikes! Dabbled with crocheting and knitting a few years ago but it was hurting my hands. Should look out for a needle like you have.
    That father and daughter act is precious. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Good to see you keeping busy. I don't know what the secret project is but I love the colours.

  16. That's a real tease Shirley, can't wait for the reveal. The noughts & crosses quilt looks lovely, you're going to have a lot of fun with that :)

  17. I am doing catch up here so you have most probably finished you project by now LOL. When I was a nanny in Shrewsbury we had a game keeper who bred pheasants for the local gentry to shoot.