Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A BAFTA Winner

Saturday tea time the phone rang and it was Olly saying would I please give the spare house key to a friend who wanted to borrow his dinner suit. I asked why he needed it and he said that this friend Tom Litten had been invited to The BAFTA's in London. Anyway, key and suit were collected and key returned and I wished Tom fun at the awards. I sat and watched it on tv but didn't really pay attention until suddenly Tom's face popped on the screen. Nothing really registered as I was engrossed in some crochet.  Sarah called in from work yesterday to tell me about Tom.

Tom had auditioned for a part in a short film that was being made as part of the Olympics and was being shown on BBC and in Cinema's. Tom won a scholarship to the prestigious Millfield School for his swimming ability and he is Olympic standard. He got the part. His film won the Best Short Film Category and you can watch the producers accepting the award and honouring Tom for his role.


You can also watch the film but I could not get the link to work so if you wished to see it then the film is called Swimmer.

Last night Tom popped in to return the Dinner Jacket and show off his well deserved BAFTA award.

Sarah and Olly proudly boast that they were Tom's babysitters. ( Tom is on the right and is just 20 years old). Olly and Tom's families are great friends so, how exciting for them and what a great addition to the trophy cabinet. I think we can safely say that this young man is going places.

I know this isn't sewing related but sometimes things happen which need to be spoken about and it is hard not to include life as it is happening. It makes the quilter's life more real.

Happy Stitching.


Note:- BAFTA stands for The British Academy of Film and Television Arts.


  1. Wow.....very exciting.
    He was very lucky the suit fit too.

  2. How exciting to have a BAFTA and a BAFTA winner in your house. Tony watched them I was doing something else.

  3. Oh lovely story and definitely one to be shared.
    Well done Olly

  4. Lovely story and you had a part in it too.
    Great to hear positive stories about our younger generation.

  5. That really is exciting! Congrats to him!

  6. So will you still be talking to us, or are you now too important mixing in such circles?!! Love Joan x

  7. Yes, Shirley, you are right; things do happen and few things make my heart sing as much as witnessing a young person's hard work and talent paying off so gloriously.

    Thank you for sharing this hopeful story with us.


  8. Not all news has to be sewing related when it is this important. How proud everyone must be of him.

  9. Wow, congrats to Tom, what an achievement. His family must be so proud!

  10. Congrats to Tom...lovely to see a young man's hard work earn him this award...
    Great story and lovely news...
    You must all be so proud!
    Julia ♥

  11. Thank you for sharing so many fun things! Your blog is a delight and takes us "armchair" folk on a lovely journey!

  12. wow how exciting. Now that is name dropping and award name dropping lol.

  13. Wow, how exciting!! Congratulations!!

  14. Very exciting, did you get his autograph?

  15. That's so cool :o) Congrats to Tom for his well deserved award!

  16. Oh wow, very very cool Shirley! I thought it was going to be Downton Abbey stuff, but this is just as good. Tonight here in the US and Canada is the finale of the season. There are three couples here who love the show! I shall miss my Sunday nights, but will probably watch reruns if on.
    Give Tom a big congrats from us all I should think.
    I am anxious to sew, and am truly getting sick of knitting! Spring cannot be too far!