Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Frankie - The Blogging Budgie

Some of you have asked me about my dear little friend Frankie. He is a real cutie and such a good companion. He is 8 years old now so, getting on in budgie years. He talks a lot, usually when the tv is on and you want to listen to something but, never when you want him to say something when you have visitors. He talks mostly in my voice but then goes into a much deeper mode - my husband. He has quite a repertoire of words, nursery rhymes, whistles and tunes and sometimes I swear he is reciting whole programmes of nonsense. He knows the tunes and sings along to Match of the Day and to Strictly Come Dancing but to be quite honest, they could be the same tune. I am hoping this works as I have not tried it before. So, here goes.
Please note what we are researching and that he isn't paying too much attention. I get by with a little help from my feathered friend. Sometimes he has friends to stay. This is Charlie and Frankie. Frankie is not amused you can tell. I loved this quilt. This photo was taken a few years back at the NEC. I have no details of the maker. Happy Stitching Love Shirley.x


  1. This post just turned up out of the blue and I just love your budgie Frankie. When I was growing up at home we had a delightful little one we named Taffy (the breeder was Welsh) and he talked but only ever immitated my father when he was talking to Mum. Take care.

  2. I had budgies when I was little...they can be such characters and such good company!

  3. You need to come to Oz and see flocks of them flying free.