Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Drunkard's Path

I promised Kate that I would try and finish something for her forthcoming exhibition in September at Come 2 Quilt. The big decision was which box to open first (oh there are so many) or, more to the point, which project would be more easily achieved. I eventually decided on a drunkard's path project. Drunkard's Path is my all time favourite block. It fascinates me. There are so many variations and so many names for the same block. This design came from McCalls Spring Edition 2007?!!!! I know. I know.

After a bit of unpicking, some blocks had been sewn the wrong way round and therefore abandoned with lost hope. It didn't take long to put it right and all blocks were stitched together and borders made. This quilt is for Sarah and Olly. Sarah asked if it could be made a bit bigger and I am in the process of adding another row. The blocks are 14". Sometime this week I have to make the really big decision on how to quilt it. I think I have a plan.

Being me means that I save the scraps. Someone said to me that the way I made my drunkard's path blocks wasted fabric and so to prove a point that with a bit of careful thinking it doesn't. I make my blocks using a method of paper piecing. You cut out two squares of fabric and lay a paper template over the top and tack through the layers just above and below the curves, then you cut away the top layer to reveal the curve underneath. Now this is the really clever bit, with a pin/needle you turn under the curved edge just 1/8" and stitch the edge down. Remove the paper and trim the back. It may sound like a complicated way of stitching this block but believe you me it works brilliantly and is so easy. Does any one else do it this way? I also have a plan to use the spare curves that were cut away.

Back to the scraps.

This little pile of cut out corners were put right sides together
and trimmed on a 45 degree angle. Being a big block there were decent sized angles to play with.

As you can see, the only wastage are those really thin straggly bits and they can go in the doggy cushions.

All those scraps have now become this .... ta da! A cushion top to go with the quilt.
The unusual setting happened by accident as I sewed the rows on the wrong way round and I decided that I liked it so it stayed put. I haven't measured it but it is about 15".

This week has been quite productive and I have also completed block 12 of Camelot.
That means now just 4 more to go.

Valentina has put together all her blocks and it looks fab. Do go over and check it out and also leave her a get well message. She has been very ill but is thankfully on the mend.

The 12 blocks together.

Hope you stayed this far and if you did enjoy your sewing.

Love Shirley.x


  1. I'm in love with your Camelot blocks. Already been swooning over Valentina's quilt. Absolutely stunning. Also your Drunkard's Path looks promising; can't wait to see it quilted.

  2. Wow you have been busy am pleased to see you are.
    The camelot quilt is going to great as is Sarah and Olly's .
    Great way to use you leftover's.Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville would be proud of you.

  3. oh shirley, camelot is coming together so well, it looks gorgeous ! well done you with only four more to go, i am sleeping under mine this winter. your drunkards path is also lovely, i had better go and join the dollies!!!

  4. The Drunkards Path quilt is lovely, gorgeous colours and a stunning border. Glad you sewed the rows the wrong way round for the cushion because it looks great. Can't wait to see your Camelot quilt finished.

  5. Your Camelot blocks are magical, they look so good all together.
    I agree about those DP blocks. I have seen lots of variations using that block and there are lots of possibilities. Lucky Sarah and Olly getting such a gorgeous quilt, and matching pillow! I am the one in our group who runs away with all the scraps. I can't believe the large pieces of fabric that the girls throw away. Such waste!

  6. I really love how your Camelot turn, wonderful !
    Drunkards Paths look great too. XO

  7. Wow Shirley you have really been busy with lots to show and tell. I agree with you the Drunkards Path is a great block and I love how your quilt is coming together. Well done with the Camelot blocks they look fabulous. Life has been really hectic here but not much to show. Take care.

  8. Lovely inspiring stuff as usual. I keep looking at me Camelot quilt pattern, and thats as far as its got so far! I did once make a Drunkards Path quilt and loved it. Unfortunately it wasn`t for me - it now hangs on a wall in California - but for my friends daughter.

  9. Lots of stuff going on at your house! Love your scraps pillow and looking forward to seeing more of the drunkards path quilt completed. Camelot blocks are amazing!!

  10. I'm in love with your Camelot blocks too....love how you did your DP blocks, must try it one day, looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.
    and what a lovely way to use up those scraps...
    Julia ♥

  11. I find curved piecing difficult. I must try your version. Would you elaborate with photos perhaps? Also, I like your border. Works well.

  12. Lots of inspiring bits in your post!! Your camelot blocks are looking just gorgoeus!! I have never done a DP but I do like the sound of your method...so it may be another project for my list :-) I'm sure Sarah and Ollie will be delighted that you are working on their quilt..and I do like the border for it. I, too couldn't bear to throw the scraps away that some people do; it's great to see them being put to such a good use! Take care,hugs x

  13. What a clever way to do the Drunkards path blocks, I love the border treatment. The Camelot blocks are gorgeous, I still have that one on the list.

  14. I love the DP quilt and the scallop border, also the colours. Brown and Blue are so nice together. Oh and those Camelot blocks.....enough said.

  15. The colors of your Camelot blocks are just wonderful, all blended together. The project if progressing so quickly. Each block is a little work of art.
    I don't see much waste at all in your DP blocks, and what little there is, it's going to make some dogs' backsides more comfortable. Those two colors together are a favorite combination of mine. Love the scalloped border.

  16. Just popped in - on vacation - to say OH MY! Beautiful work - on all circles and paths! Till later:) U

  17. You are so very clever LOVE Camerlot. Not sure I understood your druken path instructions LOL