Saturday, 21 August 2010

Festival favourites and shopping

On Friday I went to the Festival of Quilts held at the NEC in Birmingham. I believe it is now the biggest quilt show in Europe. It was extremely busy, a good sign for the show and the traders but for visitors and for myself it was a little too uncomfortable. There were, however,some fantastic quilts on display and this is a selection of my favourites. I gave up after a while as trying to take photo's became impossible. I wandered off and had a look at the Trade stands and met some very nice people, Petra Prins (NL), Lynette Anderson(Aus), Michelle Hill,(Aus)not to mention all the usual traders from the UK.

This was my absolute favourite. Apart from it being in a colour very pleasing for me it was exquisite. How big do you think this quilt is? Let me tell you it was only about 12 inches at the most and the sheer skill in the piecing and the quilting was just mind blowing. It well deserved it's first prize for miniature quilt. This is by Kumiko Frydl.

Delectable goodies and calorie free. Made by Greta Fitchett of Derby. Lots of ribbon, lace and yoyo's.

This exhibit was entitled Lavender Bag and it smelled as divine as it looked. It was just beautifully stitched. There was even a fabulous beaded stopper to keep the lavender in the bag. Made by Heather Allson of Woodstock.

Loved the interpretation of this square in square block and the fabulous border. Apologies for not knowing who made it.

Somehow, my camera just couldn't do this one justice. I tried several close ups and the view finder looked great but the actual photo just didn't match up but maybe if you click for a close up it shows it up better. Apologies again for not knowing who the maker is.

Again you are going to have to click on this one for a close up as the detail was really impressive. Made by Louise Jessup, Ashford.

I think I may have a bit of an obsession for our feathered friends. I wished I could have taken this one home. I hope someone can tell me who made this quilt.

Now then. Anyone who hails from Stoke on Trent will immediately identify with this next quilt. They are to the landscape as engine houses are to Cornwall. Once the centre of excellence for the world's most amazing pottery these bottle ovens sadly are in decline along with the pottery industry. Where there once was thousands of these, there are now only about 50. Are you taking note here Barbara Chainey? Ideas for our Heritage Quilt? Art lessons at school always consisted of drawing and painting bottle ovens and our art teacher Mr. Turner!!! could always be heard saying "yellow ochre and black". We all could also paint roses and rhododenrons.

If you click on the photo there is a map of streets of Stoke on Trent and embroidered on the edges are the 6 towns that make up Stoke on Trent. The worded fabric contains names of past and present pottery firms. Check your cupboards ladies, I bet you have something in there from my home place and you never know it could have been made by one of our relatives. Made by Maureen Poole of Wrexham and called Potscape. I love this quilt.

Petra Prins was charming and I got to see the Sarah Morrell quilt by Di Ford. It was every bit as amazing as the photograph I have and Petra kindly spent some time helping me sort out a few fabrics in readiness of starting this fantastic quilt. There is a lot of fussy cutting and broderie perse and the colours are darker and a departure from my norm but I am excited at the prospect of making my own version of this quilt. ( See I Sew Quilts for a pic of Petra's stand).

A few more bits to add to Hearts and Romance. Is anyone keeping count here how many projects I have?!!! Makes life interesting and I should never get bored, or is it that I get bored easily?!!!

A few patterns that will come out of hiding at a later date.

Frankie and Luey are trying to get acquainted. Luey follows Frankie around like a lapdog and does whatever Frankie does. Frankie doesn't like his space being invaded and I think is a little jealous of the attention this little visitor is getting. Had to take this photo though. Frankie has had a chew on one of his feathers hence the odd angle of the rogue feather sticking out. I think you can tell he isn't amused.

Happy stitching.

Love Shirley.


  1. The beautiful and inventive projects you've shared are definitely a feast for the eyes. I can't choose a favorite, but the square-in-a-square quilt with the aqua border is a definite contender. Thank you!

  2. I agree about the Miniature quilt, I was told it is the overall winner of the show as well but will check this out when I go again tomorrow. Petra's stand is amazing isn't it- they look fabulous fabrics you have purchased.

    Sue x

  3. Didn't manage to see anything on Thursday an Friday owing to workshop but I managed to get a look around the quilts and exhibitions today, some stunning stuff there. Hopefully I'll be able to get some decent photos tomorrow near the end when everyone is going home.

  4. Fantastic post Shirley. The miniature is unbelievable and how clever is the pottery one. Isn't Lynette Anderson just the sweetest person. Glad you got to see Di's quilt and I love your fabric choices you have come home with. Looks like Frankie is not amused, he won't even turn around to have his photo taken!!!!

  5. I too love the bird quilt. The colours are just so beautiful. And that miniature quilt! Amazing!

  6. Wonderful exhibit, hard to find a favorite !

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful day at the festival. Was one day enough?
    That miniature is amazing, some of those pieces must be very fine.
    Your fabrics will never go to waste and your new project will result in a stunning quilt. Another project? Are you still writing those lists? They must be getting longer. But who cares as long as you are enjoying yourself and having fun and sharing with us.

  8. Shirley ~ Thanks for taking us along on the Quilt Festival. I love all of the gorgeous quilts, especially the miniature one.
    I am in love with the fabric that you picked up and who says that we can only have so many projects!
    Well, I am here to tell you that you have one more pattern to add to the bunch that you showed. YOU ARE THE WINNER OF MY COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS GIVEAWAY and will be receiving Lori Holt's Count Your Blessing pattern. Congratulations... have fun with it!